Why local?

People like local, people trust local, people turn to local!

So, the question is…is your business structured optimally for online success and most importantly can local people find you?

Local customers turn to the internet to find local businesses in their area. Google has now replaced the traditional methods people previously used to find a business or service provider; such as printed phone books and the local newspaper.

People like quick and easy, a way to access information with a click of a button or press of “Google Search!”

Registering Your Business

Within The Local Google Network

Local SEO is focused on providing search results that are relevant for users based on their current location. Simply put, Google will match your search query with the best suited local businesses by considering the physical location that you typed in your search. Pretty neat huh!

Now, in order to be represented and given a chance at appearing in these results, you need to register, claim and promote your Google business profile. In essence, this is the key to succeeding with Local SEO!


Don’t have a creative bone in your body? We do!

Once you have a correctly crafted google profile, your business can be represented to the local community. In reality however, one locality is far too small to generate viable numbers of new leads for your business to grow.

The art of local SEO is to amplify your presence by representing your business throughout all of your surrounding areas.  This is enhanced when jointly promoted with your Google profile!


Your Search Locality – Advanced Local SEO


Local SEO

Will It Work For My Business?

At practiceedge, we’ve used this strategy to generate thousands of local leads for our clients. We know what works best with this strategy and most importantly, what doesn’t work!

Our goal is to deliver what we promise, so rest assured, we’ll honestly review your suitability to our advanced local SEO strategy and advise accordingly.


All you see are lines, graphs and percentages?
We see data gold!

Local SEO isn’t easy. It relies on building a strong local presence by creating large numbers of local pages and carefully monitoring and analysing the results.

In order to manage this effectively, practiceedge have developed our own state of the art software to assist with the creation and maintenance of our local SEO campaigns. It is an advanced SEO software tool that offers an all-in-one solution aimed at generating opportunities to expand your local business exposure.

peLocal is made available to our clients and our clients only.

Our Propriety Software

Does All The Hard Work

give your business
the online edge