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More than a design and more than a collection of pages and images, your website is a critical extension of your healthcare business. It is built with the explicit purpose of successfully connecting and engaging your target audience. Done wrong, and you could be turning patients away. But done right, it will be an integral part of your business success that attracts and delivers a steady influx of new patients. Book your call with practiceedge today.

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The Website Design Process

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First, we’ll define what makes your business unique and bring your brand to life. Our customer success team will keep the project on track from the beginning, ensuring your site fulfills its purpose.

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Once your logo and brand are established, our graphic design team will present design concepts of your website. If you require content, we will produce it in this stage also.



This is where your website comes alive. Using your approved design, we’ll build your WordPress site using all industry measures and best practices. It will be fast and secure.


After the website has been built, it’s time for launch! Now your site is ready to engage with customers, equipped with everything it needs to reliably perform.



Every website on the world wide web requires maintenance to stay live, secure, and functional. We offer care plans and hosting to ensure your site is maintained 24/7, ready to engage with your patients.


If the goal of your website is to reach new patients, then you must invest in marketing. Our search marketing services are designed to help healthcare practices boost their online presence, reach more patients, and grow your business.

Medical Website Design

Web Design That Works

Functional. SEO-Friendly. Built to Convert.

Your healthcare site is built using the latest web development standards with everything you need to succeed online. It’s fast, secure, easy to edit, and fully responsive, meaning it will look perfect on all viewing devices. It can easily expand with the needs of your business, and we’ll be here every step of the way to assist.

Most important however, when it’s time to ramp up your online presence by generating more traffic, rest assured that your site is Google friendly utilising the very latest search engine standards to make your website shine.

Working With Us

The practiceedge Difference

Work with our specialised website department dedicated to producing your project

AHPRA compliant and highly professional websites for the healthcare and medical industries

Easy to navigate and designed to convert visitors into patients

Constructed with essential healthcare features like online booking systems

Health Websites

Who We Serve

Web Design for Doctors


For a medical website that your patients and Google love, opt for our websites for doctors service.

Physio Web Design


Our physiotherapy website design service builds websites that look great and deliver results.

Osteos and Chiros

With a strategic approach, you can be sure our websites for chiropractors and websites for osteopaths are built to perform.

Podiatry Website Design


At practiceedge, we build podiatry websites for practices at all stages of business growth.

Dental Website Design


Offering custom websites for dentists, we offer a comprehensive website service for optimal results.

Psychologist Web Design


With our websites for psychologists, you can set your psychology practice up for online success.

Medical Websites

Maximise Your Website Investment with Digital Marketing

A patient can only engage with your website if they can find it! That’s why digital marketing is an essential part of any online strategy for companies in the healthcare and medical industries. Once we’ve designed and developed your website, we can offer targeted search marketing strategies that maximise your website investment.


Your Questions Answered

Page speed is a measurement of how fast your webpage loads. Google have recently indicated that page speed is one of the signals they use in their algorithm to rank pages. This means that if you’re running an SEO campaign and your pages are loading slow, your rankings and traffic may be suffering. Not only does it affect your rankings, but it also affects user experience. On average, a user waits around 2-3 seconds for a webpage to load before they decide to leave (and never come back). You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so ensuring that your website loads fast is paramount.

Websites are typically comprised of two key components – the domain name and the website hosting. The domain name refers to address that people use to access your website. For example, the practiceedge website domain name is
Domain names are registered through service providers known as domain registrars, and are typically registered for a period of 1 or 2 years at a time. It’s important to ensure your payment details are up to date with your domain registrar – if you stop paying, the domain may be available for purchase by someone else.

practiceedge can register a domain on your behalf, or can take over management of your existing domain name. If you have an existing domain name but aren’t sure who the registrar is, you can find that information by using a service such as WhoIs. Website hosting, on the other hand, refers to space on a server which holds all of the files, code and information used to make up your website. Quality website hosting is critical to ensure your website remains secure, loads fast, and is online 24/7. Website hosting providers typically charge hosting fees on a monthly or annual basis. practiceedge offer premium Australian-based website hosting.

Still not clear on the difference between domain names and website hosting? Let’s think about it as if we were dealing with a mobile phone and a SIM card. In this scenario, your website hosting would be like a mobile phone – it contains all of the hardware, software and files to function as required. However, without a SIM Card (or in this instance, a domain name), there’s no way for people to reach you.

In general, no, you cannot use pictures that you have found on Google, Pinterest, Facebook etc. Whilst tools such as Google and Pinterest are great for inspiration and providing you with a general idea of the types of images you would like to work with, chances are the images you are looking at are somebody else’s intellectual property. Unless permission for commercial use has been explicitly stated, always assume that images you find online are protected by copyright. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to provide you with legal, high quality, professional images for use on your website.

All clients of practiceedge can take advantage of our access to the BigStock photo library, included with your new website build or marketing campaign. Alternatively, if you need a great image for a blog post, social media post or email newsletter, there are a number of high-quality image libraries which allow commercial usage without attribution or linkback requirements.

Our favourites are:

All websites will incur ongoing costs for website hosting, domain maintenance, and in some instances, a third-party mail provider. Depending on the required functionality, your website may also need additional subscription-based software. Examples of subscription-based software include advanced eCommerce functionality, appointment booking software, membership portals etc. When planning and discussing your new website, our team will make you aware of any ongoing software costs before implementing them as a chosen solution.

You are. Once we’ve discussed and agreed upon the structure of your new site, it’s your job to start getting together the content that we need to include on each page of your site, including text and images. We recommend you start on this as soon as possible.

Whilst minor changes, corrections and amendments are permitted, we need the content that you’re providing us to be as close to final as possible. Excess content changes or revisions may incur an additional fee.

If writing content isn’t your strong point or you simply don’t have the time, we also offer Copywriting Services for an additional fee, priced upon application. We will, however, still require some guidance and input from you to ensure we’re conveying the right message to your customers.

Yes, you will be given access to be able to perform basic updates to your website such as adding or editing pages, blog posts, projects, image galleries etc. More complex tasks such as template or theme updates may require assistance from the practiceedge team.
Whilst we do build our websites using intuitive, user-friendly page building software that allows pages to be edited without needing to code, a reasonable understanding of page builders and typical website structure and functionality will be required.

If you are engaging in any of our digital marketing services such as SEO, we recommend that you consult with your Campaign Manager before making changes to any pages that could affect your SEO results.

If you’re adding images to your site, don’t forget to resize them for web using a tool such as PicResize. No one likes a slow website! If you would rather let practiceedge take care of any updates you require, just let us know – we offer ad-hoc team support at an hourly rate. For those who require regular or frequent updates, you may want to consider signing up for a WordPress Care Support Plan.

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