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website essentials

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Who are you targeting and
what are you trying to achieve?

Begin with the end in mind.

The planning stage of a website considers who are you specifically targeting and what information are you trying to convey. Each business owner has a unique insight into their customer expectations…understanding this is critical in helping us to accurately reproduce your online marketing message.

During this phase we aim to discover how to best present your products and services while maintaining your brand and fully engaging with your target audience.


Your content… elegantly presented
and easy to navigate.

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression…

So, for the sake of your business…make sure it’s a good one!

Your website design and core functionality is critical in determining how you’ll succeed online. Not only do you need a consistent brand message across all online platforms, but you need a striking website design that helps to build trust and convey authority.

Our in-house graphic designer will help to develop an online concept that perfectly represents your brand and showcases your products and services.


Your content… elegantly presented
and easy to navigate.


Tailored online marketing.

A great website is the beginning of an effective online strategy to attract and engage prospective new clients.

Without an effective search engine strategy your website (and business) will never truly reach its full potential.

At practiceedge, we specialise in achieving high search results for your products and services in your preferred location. Essentially, the higher your website ranks (in Google), the more people click on your site and call your business.


Measure, track and enhance!

Our goal is to design a website that looks spectacular, has a positive user experience and a strong relevance to the user’s expectation. When you combine these elements effectively, you create trust and authority and this results in user engagement and sales.

Our websites include integration with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  We also have the option of a custom reporting dashboard to allow measurement and analysis of your traffic flow and engagement.

After all…it’s the bottom line!


Measure, track and enhance!

give your business
the online edge