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Helping online stores increase revenue while reducing advertising costs with targeted E-commerce SEO campaigns

Generate more sales and lower your customer acquisition cost with E-commerce SEO

In the world of e-commerce, standing out from your competition is no easy feat. Many online retailers face the challenge of drawing in the right shoppers while managing their adversiting budget efficiently. E-commerce SEO can help you tackle this problem.

Investing in SEO offers long-term benefits that extend beyond immediate sales boosts. It’s about attracting the right buyers who are already actively looking for your products. This alignment significantly improves the likelihood of conversions and reduces the reliance on paid advertising channels over time.

If you’re looking to invest in SEO for your online store, our team of experienced e-commerce specialists can help. Book a free call today.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To…​


SEO​ Strategy

Tailored ongoing SEO plan based on your business needs and goals ​

Find Backlink Opportunities


Full audit of your website content, structure and usability to optimise for SEO ​


Identification of the most relevant and successful keywords to target for best ROI ​



On-page optimisation of your website including meta titles & descriptions, headings, images and interlinking


Content Strategy
& Production

Content analysis and creation to boost your online authority and relevance ​

Competition Comparison


Analysis of your competitor’s marketing to identify new strategies and opportunities ​



Identifying and building a strong backlink profile to increase the trust and authority of your website ​

Technical Audits &
Performance Optimisation​

Regular audits of your website ​to identify and address​ technical SEO issues and​ increase performance ​


Optimisation ​

Optimisation and management of your Google Business Profile to increase local presence ​

Understand Backlinks

Conversion​ Tracking

Tracking and monitoring of conversion points across your website to ensure ROI ​


Monthly reporting on the performance of your campaign from a dedicated campaign manager ​

Your 6 Month Roadmap​

Month 01: Strategy Development and Foundation
Understanding Business & SEO Goals, SEO Strategy Development, Keyword Research, Keyword Mapping to Pages, eCommerce Conversion Tracking Setup, Website Structure Analysis, Technical Health Check

Month 02: Implementation and Technical Optimisation
Strategy Execution, Prioritising High-Impact Areas, Addressing Technical Issues, Content and Meta Tag Optimisation, Google Business Profile Optimisation, Backlink Building, Broken Link Management

Month 03: Strategy Execution and Refinement
Balanced Focus on Products and Goals, Optimising Low-Hanging Fruit, Continuous Link Building and Technical Monitoring

Month 04: Competitor Analysis and User Experience
In-Depth Competitor Analysis, User Experience Comparison

Month 05: Content and Link-Building Continuation
Ongoing Content Updates and Link Building, Progress Analysis for Strategy Adjustment

Month 06: Strategy Review and Focus Adjustment
Strategic Review and Refinement, Focused Approach on Key Categories

Beyond Month 06: Ongoing Optimisation and Maintenance
Regular Optimisation Tasks, Strategy Tweaking and Resource Shifting

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If you’re ready to launch or accelerate your marketing strategy, get more new patients, and grow your eCommerce business, we invite you to book a complimentary strategy session with our team. During this no-obligation session, we’ll cover:

Business Goals

What do you offer and where do you want to be in 12 months? Let’s explore what makes your business unique.

Competition Comparison

How does your online presence compare against your direct competitors? We’ll analyse this with our proprietary software.

Growth Opportunities

We’ll identify areas of improvement that will positively impact your business growth.

Marketing Recommendations

Based on your unique needs, we’ll suggest a plan of action and outline expected timelines and costs.

Patient Booking Conversion

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More than ever, the ability for your practice to consistently generate new clients is pivotal to your success.

As a healthcare business owner, this responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders.

Let’s unpack your marketing goals and discuss how we can help boost your online presence and create a new client strategy that consistently fills your books!

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