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Your Business Brand – Why Authenticity Matters

Feb 22, 2021

In an age where people are becoming increasingly tech savvy, the idea that customers don’t know when they’re being lied to is a common fallacy – this is especially true when it comes to advertising.
Peoples ‘BS’ detectors are already running high – and a surefire way to build a genuine connection with them is to focus on authentic marketing.

What is Authentic Marketing?

Quite simply, authentic marketing is exactly how it sounds; it positions your brand in a way that reflects the business’s beliefs & ideas about its products, services, processes and customers, and then serves this message consistently in its advertising material.

Why is It Important?

There are a few reasons why authenticity matters in marketing:

  • Cutting through the marketing noise. In today’s day and age, the number of advertising messages that customers are exposed to daily is only increasing. With this, comes the ability to filter out messages that don’t speak directly to them. Being authentic in your marketing allows you to rise above the noise and stand out to your target audience.
  • People know when they’re being lied to. Consumer are getting more savvy by the day. Just by the sheer number of advertisements a customer has seen in their lifetime, an advertisement that seems too good to be true instantly raises a red flag in their mind – and most of the time, they’re right. Any sense of a marketing message slightly stretching the truth will cause your prospects to recoil.
  • Consumers are increasingly concerned about brand values. When you’re authentic in your marketing, you automatically instil confidence in your brand values and your purpose. According to Adweek, many younger consumers feel a stronger connection to brands that align with their own values and are more likely to purchase goods and services from those they relate to.

How to Be Authentic

Understanding why authenticity marketing is simple, but knowledge without action is useless.

Thankfully, there are ways to implement this into your marketing message today:

  • Be Real. The best way to be perceived as authentic is to BE authentic. Share your brands passions and beliefs. Tell people WHAT your trying to build your brand towards beyond making money. Express the core beliefs of the brand and instill this in every area of your business.
  • Give. The concept of ‘giving to get’ sound counter-intuitive, but businesses that become more ‘human’ gain more respect. Associating your company with a charity, whether it be local or national, can go a long way to connecting people with your brand. This concept ties into being real, where your core values and beliefs transcend money and material goods. What are you doing to help those around you? How are you making a true impact in the world?
  • Consistency Wins. An inconsistent message is confusing to customers – and as the saying goes, a confused mind never buys. Who would you trust more – a business who has a consistent, clear message and knows what they stand for, or a business that changes their beliefs and values every week? Your fundamental message needs to remain the same. Consistency builds trust.
  • Be Responsive. Create as many ways for people to contact you as possible so you, or a member of your team, can respond quickly and politely. The best conversation you can have with potential customers is an authentic one. Having a real person (not a bot or autoresponder) interact with them, address them by their name and be genuinely helpful with their concerns is a great way to build trust. An honest answer is always the best answer, even if the response is going to be less than positive.

It is Here to Stay

We know that as consumers continue to base their purchases on belief-driven views, they’re also getting better at discrediting advertising that seems too good to be true.

Being authentic in all areas of your business, including your marketing, isn’t just best practice anymore, it’s a requirement.

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