How To Write The Perfect “About Us Page” And Convert Website Visitors Into Clients

Your ‘About Us’ page (or similar variation) is one of the most important on your website and is likely to become one of the most visited. It plays a large part in the first impression that potential customers form about your business. This page is where they get to know your business, team, important information and business philosophies.

How to write the perfect about us page

Often your ‘About Us’ page can be one of the hardest pages to write as you need to achieve the correct balance between selling your business and services, and allowing potential clients to walk away with a well-rounded first opinion of your business. It’s about striking a happy medium between selling your product/services (without boasting!) and presenting people with the facts. The ‘About Us’ page is the first opportunity to create trust with potential clients and we all know that building trust can lead to higher interaction rates and more new leads!

Of course, different people are looking for different types of information and will form an opinion based on their own unique set of criteria. But although they may be seeking different things, the one thing that unites them is that they are all ‘USERS’. Remember them? The people you are trying to convert into new clients? So put aside what you’d like to see on your website, and focus on what ‘USERS’ would like to see!

Our advice is to get back to the basics about your company – or as we like to call it, the who, what, when, where, and why.

  • Who: look at your team members, who are they? Include images on your ‘About Us’ page, because faces build rapport! Photos make people feel warm, and businesses less cold. They also build your real-world credibility.
  • What: what services do you offer? So often, this is overlooked. These days, people are so pressed for time that they have memories like goldfish. If you fail to mention and re-enforce what exactly you do, the chances are they will forget.
  • When: when did your business open? Look at your company’s history. If you can present visitors with relevant milestones, it often creates an easy way to present data chronologically.
  • Where: where is your business located? Again, often forgotten (remember the goldfish?),  this is one of the key deciding factors for people to engage with a business. How long will it take for them to get to you, and is there convenient access to parking etc.
  • Why: why should potential clients engage with your business and services? This can often be reinforced through testimonials or positive reviews. Be clear on your points of difference, expertise and experience.

Be easy to understand and relatable, and don’t forget you are appealing to HUMANS, not robots! Finally, don’t forget your ‘About Us’ page needs to be easy to find from your homepage or any other pages.

If you need help constructing the perfect ‘About Us’  page, contact practiceedge! (If you don’t believe us, check out our own team page)