WordPress Care Support Plans For Businesses

Never worry about your WordPress site again

WordPress Care Support Plans

Our fully-managed WordPress service provides daily backups, security checks, performance scans, and hands-on technical support every month!

Never worry about your WordPress site again, practiceedge takes care of everything for you. From development to security and updates, we do it all. Try our support plans for the ultimate in WordPress care.

Your website is fundamental to the success of your business. Think about it. It generates revenue, attracts new customers, potential business partners, and suppliers. This is why it’s so important to ensure that your website is always functioning at its very best, and is available 24/7 without interruption.

Trouble Free Website Maintenance

We know websites – the code they are built upon, and all of the variables which work together to enable it to function. We know WordPress software – we’ve been using it for over 10 years now, build sites with it every day, and choose to have our own site built with it.

So, we’re in the best position to keep your website up and functioning, with current content and software, fully secured from risk of hacking, fully backed up, and presenting your business to the world at its very best 24/7!

No matter which one you decide to choose, working with us means that you will have specialists working on your website to continue to drive attention and customers to your business. We will perform a specific number of small tasks on your website each month to ensure that every aspect of your website is perfect.

Our Care Plans

Plans & Packages


$99 + GST/month


$129 + GST/month


$249 + GST/month


$499 + GST/month


Off-site backups retained for up to 90 days. Free restoration if required.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Checks your site every minute. We’ll resolve the issue upon notification.

Security Threat Detection

Make sure your site is clean, and if any files become infected we’ll be able to spot them on time…and fix!

Monthly Plugin Updates

We’ll update your plugins every month to the latest and most stable version.

WordPress Updates

Monthly updates of WordPress to the latest stable release.

Priority Customer Support

Clients on care plans are given priority support over all other tasks.

Monthly Reporting

Receive a detailed report on all tasks delivered each month.

Google Analytics

Monitor your website performance with Google Analytics dashboard.

Vulnerability Alerts

Vulnerability checks bring you real time information about what plugins are vulnerable so you can act accordingly.

Monthly Team Resource Support

Access 30 minutes (Gold Care Plan), 1 hour (Platinum Care Plan) or 3 hours (Growth) worth of additional support from our team every month.

30 mins

1 hour

3 hours

Performance Optimisation – Quarterly*

We’ll optimise your site and make sure it loads as fast as possible.

Broken Link Checker

We’ll perform routine scans of your entire WordPress site for broken links and fix when found!

Image Size Optimisation

Each month we’ll monitor and optimise image sizes across your site.

Contact Form Testing

Manually test all contact forms to ensure they are working to deliver your leads.

Monthly Web & Marketing Additions (exclusive to Growth plan)

Installation & configuration of tools and services to enhance your online position

Strategy Call

One hour strategy call with our Director, Simon. Followup research and planning for implementation over the following 11 months.

Keyword Research, Competition Analysis & Site Structure

Research of your chosen keyword themes and gap analysis of your site in comparison to your competition. Optimisation of your site structure for maximum performance.

Rank Tracking and Setup GA, GSC, GTM

Setup all of your Google properties and rank tracking to ensure full visibility and monitor performance.

On-page Optimisation

Full on-page optimisation of up to 4 keyword themes including meta, headings, images and
internal linking.

Content Review and Recommendations

Revision of your home, and up to 4 keyword pages for adequate content – checking for both quality and volume against competitor sites.

Backlinks – Citations

Audit your current backlink profile and add up to 30 additional high quality citations.

GBP Audit and Optimisation

Setup/audit and optimisation of your Google Business Profile.

RR Blog Posts

Build extra content (up to 10 pages) for your site to help boost the topical relevance of your core keyword pages.

GBP Posts

Create and post a block of content to your Google profile based on your core keyword themes.

Review Funnel

Setup a review funnel page on your site that helps generate favourable Google reviews.

Exit Intent Form

Ad software that triggers a popup message to appear for visitors that signal they might be leaving your website.

Chatbot Installation

Install and configure chatbot software that facilitates communication with active visitors on your site.

*Initial optimisation performance & software updates may attract an additional one-off setup fee depending on the current state of your site. Read our WordPress Care Support Plan Terms of Service


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