Why Google Reviews are Important

importance of google reviews
In the digital world of 2018 there is no surprise that more than 90% of people are influenced by online reviews of a business. There is no secret that search engines are now one of the links between new customers and your business.

Google acts as the first point of contact between a potential customer and your business, the impression they gain can be paramount for an individual’s transition to seeking your services. People enter keywords into Google to help find anything they want to know, from a new brunch spot to a neaby doctor. Right away, Google allows people to see a number of reviews displayed in both the search results and map results.

By selecting the pin location on the map, people can view the latest reviews alongside all essential information; business address, open hours and contact details.



Google reviews for SEO rankings

Online reviews are important for various reasons, but majorly affect:

  • Your businesses rankings in search engine results
  • Which search result listings customers actually click on
  • A customers decision to engage your business for your services

By the time customers are looking at your online reviews they have already decided what they need or want, how a certain business may fulfil their want/need and are now proceeding to make a choice. There is no denying that reviews are a powerful tool, both to customers and search engines. Google reviews create trust and endorse your business as a reliable place, a place people would want to visit.

But how do you start getting reviews?

  • Invite happy customers to provide reviews. You obviously want positive reviews from those who have had happy dealings with your business. Happy Customers = Positive Experience which will lead into a glowing review online.
  • Invite your long term customers to provide reviews. It may be helpful to understand how this group of customers views your business and services.

Now you’ve got reviews, what to do next?

  • It is important to reply to people’s reviews as it shows that as a business you find people’s insights valuble. Thank them for taking the time to leave a review, because being active online shows customers that you care.
  • Address and make changes based on people’s business feedback. It may promote further growth and help you to understand how your business can continue to serve the local community.

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