What Is A Google My Business Profile?

Google My Business is a new platform to integrate all the Google Suite software in one place. Because it can connect with Adwords, Google Maps, Search, and Business Insights, it is one of the most useful and versatile tools in online marketing today.

Google Business Profile

Your Google My Business Profile (GMB) is the free tool provided by Google for both new and established businesses to increase their visibility to potential customers, in search results. It is a free service managed by Google which allows businesses to ‘get on the map’ and be found more easily online.

Recent algorithm updates to make Google searching more focused on user intent and the basics of search queries, mean that Google is becoming more local. As a result, your Google Business Profile has a real chance to appear in front of those searching for products and services in your patch.

Google Business Profiles allow businesses to add all the important information that customers want, and need, to see. Such as:

  • Business Name
  • Category
  • Opening Hours
  • Contact Number
  • Website URL
  • Google Business Description
  • Opening Date
  • Photos
  • Reviews

Put it all together, and it looks pretty good!

Here’s an example. When we type in “Italian restaurant Malvern” we are presented with 3 Google Business Profiles that best serve our search query.

Clients are presented with highlighted profiles that offer a degree of brand exposure without even having to click through to a website. And the first thing to catch the eye are the star ratings, the ‘Google Reviews’. These are the first encounter people have with your business, and give prospective customers the vital ‘social proof’ that your business is the one they need. Think about it,  which restaurant would you choose, one with 74 reviews or one with 160 reviews?

The way people use the Internet is changing and continues to evolve. When people search for local services and products, Google maps provides a quick and easy way to present this information to individuals. From a single search they can get an overview of a business. It’s probably not a surprise to hear that Google Maps is currently one of the most popular mapping and GPS applications used today, but the extent to which it is used, is staggering. It is already being built into android phones, and more than 50% of android users worldwide make use of the app’s functionality. Considering these phenomenal statistics, ask yourself the question: are you missing out on a wider net of consumers?

Your Google Business Profile is automatically indexed by Google and will increase your exposure to potential clients. A live Google Profile also allows and encourages clients to interact directly with your business by leaving reviews or even uploading their own photos. So your Google profile can enhance consumer experience and increase exposure for your business. Of course, reading and responding to comments will also bring you closer to your customers. After all, they say that feedback is the breakfast of champions!

Your Google Business Profile should be a pivotal part of your local SEO strategy. Don’t miss out on reaching customers that are probably looking for you already.

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