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Content Checklist

A content checklist is a document outlining all the content we will require for your project. This list is created based on the pages defined by your sitemap and may include things such as product or service information, staff profile information and photos, links to social media accounts or associated organisations, downloadable documents etc.

Domain Name

Simply put, your domain name is what a user enters into their address bar to reach your website.

High-Fidelity Design

Once your wireframes have been approved, we are able to proceed to high-fidelity design. High fidelity design takes the structure of the wireframes and incorporates the elements more frequently associated with the idea of design: colour, typography, imagery etc. High fidelity design provides a visual representation of how your final site will look, as well as a basic demonstration of functionality and interactivity.


A sitemap is a diagram which outlines the structure, relationship, and hierarchy of pages within a website. Typically, a sitemap shows how sub-pages are arranged underneath their parent groupings, and acts as guide on how the end-user will navigate the completed website. Establishing a calculated and purposeful sitemap at the beginning of your project is essential to creating a positive online experience.

Website Development

Website development is the process of taking your high-fidelity designs and converting them into a fully operational interactive website. Utilising a variety of programming languages, our developers bring your designs to life, incorporating interactivity, functionality, and responsiveness to ensure that your website not only looks great on devices of all sizes, but functions smoothly to create an excellent user experience.

Website Host

Similar to how a brick-and-mortar store in a shopping center needs to rent a physical space to operate from, your website needs to rent a virtual space. This is known as your website hosting. Your website host refers to the business who provides this service to you.

Website Launch

Launching your website describes the process of sending your website out into the world by uploading your website files to your hosting server and instructing your domain name to point to the right location.

Website Testing

Once your website has been developed, our developers perform a series of functionality and responsive tests to ensure your website looks and acts as intended.

Wireframes/Low-Fidelity Designs

Wireframes (or low-fidelity designs) are a set of graphics which define the structural basis of your website. Similar to the way blueprints define the layout of a house, wireframes define the layout of your site: what elements belong on the page and where, where headings and body copy will sit, and how imagery will be incorporated. Rather than focusing on visual elements such as colour, typography, and image selection, wireframes typically place emphasis on the structure and usability of a website.

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