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Understanding Your practiceedge Care Plan Report

May 6, 2021

A care plan is an important aspect of your ongoing website maintenance and security. practiceedge offer care plans to suit all websites and budgets, regulalry performing necessary tasks like back-ups and security scans so you don’t have to! Below, we outline how to interpret your monthly practiceedge care plan report.

Each month, practiceedge send out personalised Care Plan reports that give a valuable insight into how Care Plan websites are being managed and maintained. This includes services such as website updates, backups, uptime monitoring, Google Analytics, security scanning, performance monitoring, broken link checking, image optimisation and form testing. Each section of the Care Plan report presents information which can be useful in keeping up-to-date with the current state of your website without having to get your hands dirty digging through technical data.

This article gives general information about the updates and tasks performed on care plans. Please note that the range of features in the individual Care Plan report is dependent on the level of the client Care Plan.


Websites need be updated to meet the needs of new technologies, browsers as well as combatting security threats. Your website get monthly updates of the core WordPress Content Management System (CMS), Plugins and Themes. Care is taken to ensure that all proposed updates are checked as safe and will not conflict with how the site is performing.


Every day multiple backups are taken and stored off-site for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure that we have a failsafe if anything should go wrong at the website or hosting server level. Secondly, to give you peace of mind if you should ever need to recover your website or part of it as far back as three months.


24/7 Uptime monitoring checks your website every five minutes to ensure that it is online and accessible by the general public. If for any reason your website does go down or appear offline, we are notified and we take pro-active measures to get your website back online fast.


Google Analytics is used to track how many visits you are receiving each day. This is great when you are wanting to gauge the effectiveness of your website as well as being able to compare your visits to previous months and for internal reporting.


There is a constant need to keep a watch out for threats which would attempt to take down or alter the content on your website. We have multiple layers of protection at the website and server levels. This vastly reduces the chances of malware or viruses affecting the performance of your website which keeps it online and functioning as it should do. If we find a threat, we will repair it.

Performance Optimisation

Even if you have a great looking website, if your website is not showing content within the first 3-5 seconds, you will lose some of your viewers who will not wait around. Performance scanning is used to identify the strengths and especially the weaknesses which may be slowing down your website performance. Every three months website are assessed and optimised to improved the responsive and load times.

Broken Link Checking

Websites are made up of hundreds of linked items such as pages, images, audio, video, scripts, stylesheets… the list goes on. Broken link checking is great for two main reasons. Firstly, customers lose confidence in websites that have broken links. By being alerted of broken links, you can fix them which will keep your website functioning as it should. Secondly, broken links can affect your rankings in search engines. By knowing and correcting your broken links, search engines can properly crawl your website which will increase your chances of a better search engine ranking.

Image Size Optimisation

Loading the wrong size image can both slow down your website and also not look the way it should. By optimising and making sure the optimised versions of images are being displayed, you get a quicker loading website and images the look great and lots faster.

Contact Form Checking

We manually test all contact forms on the website to ensure they are working to deliver your leads. This testing includes filling in the forms and testing redirections or messages are appearing letting the viewer know that their information has been successfully received. We also offer a range spam protection to stop nasty bots sending you a heap of junk emails which will save you time.

If you are not on a Care Plan and think that your website would benefit from the services mentioned above, please get in contact with practicedge. We will happily discuss our Care Plans and help you find one that will meet your needs.

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