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A comprehensive online strategy exclusively for healthcare companies. Designed to deliver you more traffic, more patients, and explode your online ROI.

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Real outcomes that impact new patient numbers and revenue?

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New patients are the lifeblood of any healthcare practice. But acquiring them isn’t as simple as it used to be. A local billboard, flyers in letterboxes, or a welcome deal doesn’t turn heads anymore. Even a number one Google ranking doesn’t guarantee you a booking. So, what does it take to be the number one practice in your local area? How do you get the ROI you’re looking for without skyrocketing your marketing budget and spending all your time on marketing?

There isn’t one solution. Or even two or three! Because if it was a simple as flicking a switch, every practice would be inundated with new patients. The Edge is a culmination of 10 years healthcare marketing experience. We have built a comprehensive package that covers all bases to generate results and maximise your ROI. The Edge considers all stages of the patient buyer journey to help you dominate the online space.

Your Integrated Digital Marketing Solution

The Edge is built on our foundational model – Attract, Engage, Convert – designed to support your online strategy at all points of the buyer journey. From acquiring new patients and securing an appointment to nurturing your patients in the long-term – the Edge does it all.


Website, SEO, Google Ads, Google My Business

Through targeted optimisation of your online presence, we’ll attract more patients to your website.


Content Strategy, Database Marketing, Enhancing Life Time Value

Utilising organic and paid approaches, we’ll engage your key audience to build trust and connection.


Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Review Funnels

Beyond new patient acquisition, we’ll support you to retain patients and maximise their LTV.

Results to Expect
with The Edge

Our aim is to generate tangible, measurable results that impact your new patient numbers and revenue. Here are the results you can expect from The Edge.

Find Out if The Edge is Right for Your Business

Reserved only for healthcare practices, we want to work with highly motivated companies who are ready to invest in marketing and accelerate their online results. If The Edge is what you’ve been looking for, we want to hear from you. Book your call today!

An Integrated Solution for High-Yield Results

The Edge is a comprehensive marketing package that includes strategy, action, and refinement. We follow a process to ensure your marketing covers all bases – but we customise every step along the way to maximise your results.

The Edge Inclusions


Business strategy and analysis to create a 6 or 12-month marketing action plan.

We’ll kickstart the process with an in-depth analysis of your business and its current online presence. We’ll undertake keyword research, competition analysis, site gap analysis and strategy sessions to get a picture of where you are and where you want to go. The culmination of our Roadmap step is defining a visual action plan that shows how we will get you there.

90Day Build Website

Comprehensive website audit and repairs for a professional online presence.

Your website is your most important online asset. We’ll review your current website’s structure, content, images, and aesthetics to ensure your branding is consistent. We’ll also complete a technical audit that considers your site speed, website responsiveness, and identify anything else that will hinder our progress. Any issues or recommendations will be presented to you and resolved by us. The result is a professional online presence that supports your marketing goals.


Content creation to boost your keyword themes and build your online authority.

Content is an integral part of any online strategy and plays a pivotal role in SEO. Our strategists will work closely with our content team to modify and expand your content to ensure full coverage of your topics and keyword themes. This includes the creation of regular blog posts about your specialisation.


Stand out and get results with a strong offer that’s tailored to your audience.

Our strategists will devise an appropriate offer that will engage your patients to take action. Supported by our copywriters and designers, we’ll create a lead magnet and follow up series for list engagement.


Become a trusted authority and build your database with effective messaging.

Building an audience is a key factor in developing trust and authority in your field. Our development team will set up capture forms and connect with your database. We’ll maintain this connection with follow up sequences and your custom offer.

Find Backlink Opportunities
Search Marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO), GMB optimisation, and Google Ads for more website traffic.

Once your website’s messaging is consistent, our search experts team will commence your organic and paid marketing campaigns! Using a combination of SEO and Google Ads, we’ll drive more traffic to your website and give your healthcare business the online recognition and attention it deserves.

Review Funnel

Generate more quality reviews with our seamless review funnel process.

Google reviews are important for new patients and your Google rankings. We’ll establish a review funnel to support the growth of your Google review tally.

Understand Backlinks

Detailed reporting so you know exactly what’s been actioned – and the results it achieved.

We’ll report on key activities and stats, so you have full transparency of the operations and outcomes of your marketing campaign. In an instant, you’ll be able to view key details such as site speed, traffic, CTR, conversion rate, list signups and leads generated. And if you have any questions, just call our team.


Practice resources to support your business activities and maximise patient LTV.

You’ll have access to industry-leading resources that explore all areas of your practice including LTV, PVA and client scheduling. We don’t stop at your online presence – we want to help make your entire business the best it can be.

Why The Edge by practiceedge?

Unified and consistent approach across your online platforms.
All your marketing needs addressed by one experienced agency.
Experience the difference of working with a healthcare marketing specialist.


Motivated by Results

Our success is measured by your return on investment. We’ll work to understand your goals, then craft a tailored campaign to help you achieve them.

Inspired by Innovation

We’re constantly looking for new ways to maximise our impact and accelerate your online success. Our dedicated team use industry-leading techniques and a proven approach.

Driven by Data

At practiceedge, we love data and analytics- numbers don’t lie! We use a combination of our proprietary software plus insightful tools to carefully analyse and strengthen your campaign.


Clients of The Edge

Patient Booking Conversion

Your Practice with The Edge

We want your practice to thrive. To dominate the local area and operate in a state of abundance. This means new patients, more revenue, a greater patient LTV, and ongoing support from a specialised team. We’ll act as your digital marketing partner: we’ll handle the marketing, so you can focus on your practice. By covering all bases online and in your practice, we’ll support your practice to become the best it can be. With The Edge, you’ll reach and help more people to be healthier and happier – and we think that’s the most important thing.

Your Investment

We customise the exact inclusions of each package for every client to ensure you get the best outcomes for your needs. The Edge is offered in a 6 or 12-month program for a competitive monthly fee.

Healthcare for business owner


The Edge Common Questions

The Edge includes website revisions, SEO, Google Ads, Google My Business optimisation, content strategy and creation, database marketing, practice resources, email marketing, CRO, and review funnels. It’s a truly comprehensive program that is designed to maximise your ROI.

The Edge incorporates a wide range of marketing activities beyond search marketing; however, search marketing remains the main form of traffic generation. In addition to more traffic, you’ll be supported to maximise your practice in all areas, not just online.

Our 12-month roadmap typically looks like this; however it is highly customised to the needs of each client:

  • Month 1-5: Setup of all assets, revise website and commence search marketing.
  • Month 6-11: Marketing activities and enhancement and ongoing professional development.
  • Month 12: Complete campaign review and offer ongoing recommendations.

Yes! We love to work with multi-location healthcare clinics and have experience working with practices of all sizes. We have a range of tools and strategies designed especially for clients with multiple locations —ask about our healthcare network strategy!

Yes! We have an in-house website design team of designers, developers, project managers, and content writers. A website project is separate to the marketing activities carried out in The Edge.

Is The Edge Right For You?

The Edge is right for you if:
  • You want to expand and grow your healthcare practice.
  • You have the capacity to take on new patients and accelerate business growth.
  • You are ready to partner with an agency and consider all recommendations.
  • You are ready to invest in your business.
The Edge is NOT right for you if:
  • You’re just starting out and you don’t have a website. (If this is you, learn more about website design)
  • You don’t want to invest to get a return.
  • You just want to do search marketing (We also offer just SEO or Google Ads)
  • You have no capacity to take on new patients and aren’t interested in growing your business.

It’s Time to Give Your Healthcare Practice The Edge

The Edge is a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing strategy that combines multiple services to deliver high yield results.

We’re excited to help you accelerate your business growth and create the practice you want.

We are taking on a limited number of clients for the Edge this month. Secure your spot by booking a strategy call with our team.

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