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digital solutions

for healthcare professionals

digital solutions

for healthcare professionals

navigating the seo maze

Have you tried SEO and been underwhelmed with the results? Were you guaranteed the number 1 Google position, but stayed undiscoverable on page 5? Or perhaps you’re paying an excessive monthly fee to an agency and are yet to benefit from their approach?

SEO is an excellent digital marketing tool when executed correctly. However, without a customised and proven approach, you simply will not generate results.

forget checklists…there’s no one-size-fits-all seo approach

The problem lies in a one-size-fits-all approach that is implemented by too many ‘SEO experts’ who convince you that following a standard checklist of tasks will produce SEO glory. Time after time, practiceedge have seen campaigns that fail simply because they have the wrong SEO strategy and structure. We also know that SEO can be expensive, and you are probably tired of spending your hard-earned money for little or no reward.

results driven seo

These frustrations and repeated failed attempts are why we created SEO Jumpstart. A simple, professional, and cost-effective SEO setup that is targeted, well-structured, and results-driven.

Stop wasting money, time, and opportunity on an ineffective SEO campaign and build an SEO foundation that quickly generates real results and pays for itself.

3-steps to seo perfection

as part of all seo jumpstart packages, we’ll perform the following:

keyword discovery


Define your business objectives

Keyword research
Develop keyword themes
Build meta titles and descriptions
Define image alt tags

site audit


Review technical SEO

Compare site against SEO & conversion standards

Build ideal SEO sitemap
Compare site against competition
Review content suitability
Provide recommendations
Internal site linking (Fast Track only)

authority building


Competitor analysis
Identify link opportunities
Provide link building guidelines
Build quality citations and Press Release (Fast Track only)

choose your package

we offer two pathways to cater for all budgets and skill levels.

From keyword discovery to niche link building opportunities, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even provide informative tutorials helping you to navigate beyond your initial setup.



$1495 +gst

Suited to those with strong web skills capable of implementing our recommendations.

Custom 3-Step SEO Jumpstart Package

Optimisation of home & 4 service pages

Initial discovery meeting

DIY implementation of our recommendations



$2495 +gst

We’ll implement the entire strategy, and ensure all SEO suggestions are implemented perfectly.

Custom 3-Step SEO Jumpstart Package
Optimisation of home & up to 4 service pages

Initial discovery meeting & full implementation of all recommendations by us*

Free copy of our 90 Day SEO Roadmap eBook
*Site owner responsible for technical coding changes & content creation


01 – keyword discovery

define your business objectives

Targeting who and in which geographical location?

keyword research

Perform keyword research on 4 keywords. Compare your keywords against the competition to ensure you haven’t missed any opportunities.

develop keyword themes

Group keywords into themes. Sort by volume. Search and confirm you land on relevant pages that represent your client’s business objectives.

build meta titles and descriptions

Structure your titles and description for each keyword theme. Combine terms to produce keyword relevance for highest volume keywords in your theme. Again, compare against your competition to ensure accuracy. Ensure you use keywords AND location where relevant.

define image alt tags

Build 3 alt image tags relating to the keyword themes for each.

02 – site audit

review technical seo

Review page speed, crawling and indexing, responsiveness, sitemap indexing, broken links, URL structure and any other website errors.

compare site against seo & conversion standards

Review menu structure (should be flat/silo), one H1 per page and hierarchical heading structure, keyword rich titles, suitable call-to-action

compare site against competition

Review the top 3 competitors for each keyword theme. How do the sites compare in terms of size, content, aesthetics, offers, authority, backlinks?

review content suitability

How does the current site content read? Is it engaging or thin & boring? Does it adequately cover the keyword theme to convey authority?

provide recommendations

Report on the above detailing what steps need to be taken to fix all issues identified.

internal site linking (fast track only)

We’ll interlink between your site pages to create a web of internal links that help to connect the content.

03 – authority building

Identify link opportunities

Provide a report showing link opportunities featuring missing common backlinks from domains that are linking to at least 4 competitors from the top 20

provide link building guidelines

The 90 SEO Roadmap is provided for detailed explanation of how to build backlinks.

build quality citations and press release (fast track only)

We will create a run of quality citations and write and distribute a press release on your behalf.

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