Maximise your online presence after lockdown

Life After Lockdown
It’s what we’ve been waiting for- a roadmap out of lockdown. And we’re so glad it has finally arrived. For Melburnians, the 24th of November sees the official end of restrictions, while the easing of lockdown will come sooner for our neighbours in NSW.

Families will reunite. Venues will once again be filled with live music and laughter. Community sport and events will return. And businesses will once again have the opportunity to open their doors to customers. It’s a truly exciting time for people that have sacrificed so much.

As we prepare for life post-lockdown, our team at practiceedge have been considering the implications of recent events. We’ve put together our thoughts on how we can help our clients to maximise their success during this transition period from lockdown to COVID-normal.

The first important point to share is that your customers and clients have a surplus of savings ready to spend. Stats show that 2 in 5 Australians have saved more money than usual in 2020. This change in savings habits is a reflection on a decrease in recreational spending.

Your prospective customers and clients have money to spend, but will they spend it with your company? This depends on whether your business is front of mind. And the best way to ensure your business is front of mind is to have a strong online presence.

Life After Lockdown
Here are our pointers on maximising your online presence right now:
  1. Review your website. Simply having a website isn’t going to guarantee success. Your site must connect, engage, and convert. Ultimately, it must be more compelling than your competitors. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Is the design on-brand, interesting, modern, and inviting?
  • Is the written content relevant and helpful? Does it speak to your target audience and encourage them to act?
  • Does the website load quickly, function well, and is it mobile responsive?
  • Is the visual content (photos and video) engaging, and custom?
  • Customers are also more likely to shop online now. Does your business have an eCommerce/ online shop function?
  1. Market your business online. Now that your website is ready to impress, it’s time to promote it to your target audience. Here are a few high-ROI options to market your business:
  • SEO – Increase your organic presence (rank in Google), build trust, grow authority, increase website traffic (number of people visiting your site) and increase online enquiries.
  • Google Ads – Get found immediately on Google by paying for an Ad space on page one.
We hope this has helped you reflect on preparing for post-lockdown life. If you need any assistance with website design or digital marketing, please don’t hesitate to call our team.
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