Why It Is Important To Keep Your Google Business Profile Up To Date

Your Google My Business Profile is the free tool provided by Google for both new and established business to grow their visibility online. It acts as your internet billboard that can be seen right across the world.

But imagine driving past a billboard and seeing incorrect, out of date information. Would it inspire you to engage with that business? Of course not. So don’t do that to the thousands of people who are exposed to your online profile. Keep it up to date and current! If you don’t, all those potential customers could be looking at incorrect information. Imagine how many leads or enquiries you could be missing out on!

Keep your Google Profile up to date

Your Google Profile also reflects the nature of your business, and gives the public a general snapshot of what you do and what they can expect from you.

It’s also important to select the category that best describes your business. If you are yet to claim your Google profile but one appears in the search results, often Google will take a punt on the category they think best suits based on your name, description and other mentions of your business it has found on the web. But there’s no guarantee they’ll get it right, so don’t forget to have your primary category to hand, the one you want to rank for when potential clients go searching.

Having to assign your business to one core category might sound hard, but don’t worry. Google allows you to add multiple secondary categories to capture all your additional services and products!

According to Google, businesses with photos see 35% more clicks on their website and 42% higher requests for driving directions in Google Maps. So don’t be surprised when we tell you that people are influenced by images. Luckily, your Google Business Profile will allow you to consistently add a fresh stream of new images, so make sure you do – not only does it appear to clients that you are active online, it can increase your opportunity to convert them into sales!

It sounds complicated, but that’s what we’re here for. Contact practiceedge to keep your Google profile up to date so you can keep your Internet billboard current and renewed!