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How to Beat Your Competition With SEO

Mar 4, 2021

Are you being outranked or losing new customers to your local competitors? Our expert SEO Team has compiled this list of proven strategies to help you beat your competition and maintain a strong organic presence.

Do you want to beat your local competitors with an effective SEO campaign and digital marketing strategy Nowadays, effective SEO campaigns incorporate multiple techniques, strategies and approaches. In addition to continually adjusting your website’s SEO, you must monitor your competition and be aware of SEO trends.

To get ahead and stay in front of your competitors using SEO, implement the follow tips that practiceedge have utilised for over 10 years.

Search-Intent Oriented Content

Content is still one of the most significant aspects of your SEO strategy. The saying “content is king” remains true. Creating a database of authoritative content on your website builds your online relevance for targeted terms and search phrases. Content creation and marketing is about creating content that has a positive impact on your audience. This will ultimately benefit your business. It is a method of attracting, engaging and delivering content your customers want to read.

Search-intent orientated content allows you to create content to address the needs of your ideal customers while building trust and credibility for your business. The content created will bring more traffic to your website over time and engages with potential leads, creating wider brand awareness.

Content also helps improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) and online visibility. As consumers turn to search engines when they are looking for a solution to a problem or a service. You can create a series of optimised blog articles or supporting website pages – with topics relating to your core services but based on the specific queries your site receives. Essentially, if you create a volume of articles that attract potential customers by answering questions that they frequently search for, they act as a magnet, attracting traffic to your site.

The objective of your SEO campaign is to build traffic to your site, and a lack of engaging content can limit the success of this approach. You should aim to create engaging, interesting and relevant content frequently. Google love when websites offer a steady stream of new content.

Keyword Research & Targeting Strategy

The success of an SEO campaign is determined by many factors including the relevance of keywords. The key is to identify the best keywords that represent how prospective customers will search for you online. Comprehensive research and an understanding of SEO are vital to identifying the most relevant keywords.

When you are in the strategy development phase of any SEO campaign, it is important to carefully research and focus on the terms which will yield higher amounts of traffic to the website. The keyword selection and on-page SEO implementation is the first way to unlocking the traffic potential in a campaign. After all, there is no point appearing in the top results in Google for search terms or phrases that receive little or no traffic.

If you’ve targeted a couple of keywords and they aren’t doing a lot to the income or traffic of your business, odds are that your current targeted search terms aren’t right. Perhaps the biggest mistake that businesses’ make is to depend on top-ranking keywords. You must concentrate on search queries that yield the traffic for businesses in your industry and category.

It is also important to look at who you are targeting and tie this into your overall strategy. If your market consists of a local demographic, ensure you are only targeting the immediate local area. For example, if you are a Chiropractor, aim to target the top 4-8 nearby suburbs, rather than a whole region. Think about how people use your services. If you are a tradesman, people will call a local based service. Unless you are a medical specialist or offer a unique service, then a region-based SEO campaign isn’t the best strategy.

For an established business seeking new clients, it may be helpful to determine your target audience off your current client base.

Monitor Your Competitor’s Back-Link Profiles

One of the main ways search engines decide which websites are trustworthy or relevant is by looking at how many links are pointing back to the site. This is known as a backlink. A backlink is an inbound link from one website or webpage to another. There are many different sources of backlinks, the most common being from social media profiles or local citations.

It is important to continually screen and monitor your own website and business backlink profile. Yet, it is also imperative to continue monitoring the backlink profiles of your competitors. Look for any advances or improvements that are occurring in their backlink building strategies. The most effective SEO strategies typically incorporate unique or uncommon techniques that aren’t openly known.

By continually monitoring the backlink profiles of your competitors who are ranking organically above you, it may uncover some opportunities that you can include in your own SEO strategy.

Monitor Your Competitor’s On-page SEO

It is also vital to consistently monitor the on-page SEO properties of your competitors. Dramatic improvements or changes to your competitor’s SEO tactics can instantly alter the organic ranking positions.

They may have found another strategy to rank higher than you or updated their website in response to a negative penalty from the search engines. If you notice any of your competitors dramatically change their SEO activities- from title tags, use of keywords in their headers or layout changes – then it is best to keep track of them.

Remaining aware of any changes executed by your competition can provide valuable information to you.  Monitoring changes and understanding the most effective strategies will ultimately improve your own SEO outcomes.

Stay Up to Date with SEO News

The world of SEO and digital marketing is continuously evolving and changing. Spend time to screen all the related SEO news on the web to ensure you understand the latest trends. If there are any significant changes in the world of SEO, you able to adapt and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Google are continually updating the algorithm used to rank sites. Generating high rankings requires expertise, a solid understanding of ranking algorithms, continuous monitoring and relevant updates.

Achieving SEO success is a difficult task and it is vital that you remain aware of the latest trends and techniques. If you need assistance to stay ahead of your competitors – contact our team at practiceedge!

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