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Google Q&A – What Is It, and How Can It Help my Business?

Mar 26, 2021

You may have heard that having a Google Business profile is one of the best ways to be maximise your local presence online, in fact, you likely already have one set up. Did you know though, that your GMB (Google My Business) comes with a full range of features and functions to enhance your listing and engage better with your customers? One of these hidden, and often under-utilised gems is the Google Q&A function, and if you’re not using it you may well be missing out.

What Is Google Q&A?

The Google Questions and Answers feature was introduced to GMB profiles in 2017 and its primary function is to provide specific and relevant information about a business, based on user queries.

It works like this. Any time your business profile shows up in search result, the searcher has the option to publicly post a question on your profile. These questions can then be answered by either the business owner (you) or by any member of the general public. Both the questions and answers are displayed on your GMB profile for other users to view or respond to. Users can also give answers the thumbs up to indicate the response was helpful to them.

How Does Q&A Help my Business?

Questions and Answers can benefit your online presence in a number of ways. Firstly, any form of customer feedback is valuable data for you. The more you understand what information your customers are looking for the better you can tailor your marketing to meet these needs.

In addition, the Q&A section essentially enables you to have a custom FAQ section directly displayed on your profile. This gives you the opportunity to provide very specific information about your business and your services, building trust with your potential customers and removing barriers to conversion, even before they click through to your website.

Finally, it gives you a tool to interact and engage with your customers providing a level of personalised service that only takes a minute of your time.

How Do I Use Q&A on My Profile?

The first thing you should do is answer any questions that have already been left on your profile. Pull up your GMB in Google by either searching for your business or by logging in to your GMB dashboard, navigating to the Info section and clicking “view in search”. Scroll down to the Questions & Answers section – usually one question will be displayed with a link to click to view all questions.

To answer a question simply click the Answer link under the question and type in your response. Make sure you are logged into the account you use to manage your GMB profile as this ensures your answer is flagged as coming from the business owner.

If there are questions on your profile that have already been answered correctly by another user you can click the like button, this will move them further up the Q&A list. You also have the option to flag any incorrect or inappropriate responses for review by Google.

What If There Are No questions on My profile?

Add your own! Business owners are actually encouraged to add their own questions and answers to address any frequent queries about their business so make the most of it. Providing this information ensures that your potential customers have the answers they need as well as ensuring the content in the Q&A section is accurate and promotes your business in the best light.

Make sure both your questions and answers are clear and concise but don’t be afraid to inject a bit of personality into them. Remember, Q&A is a community feature, and customers will respond better to a friendly response than to a generic marketing spiel.

How Do I Know When a New Question Has Been Posted?

Unfortunately, notifications are not the strong point of the Q&A feature. If you have the Google maps app for Android and you’re signed in to your profile you’ll receive a push notification when a new question is posted, otherwise the best method is to check in with your profile regularly. Responding promptly to questions is good practice for your customer service so it’s well worth taking a few minutes each day or week to schedule this in.

Google Q&A provides business insight for you and your customers. For more information about setting up a Google Business Profile, contact practiceedge.

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