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Engage, Reach, Convert: The 3 Step Approach to Generate Leads and Enquiries From Your Website

Jul 14, 2020

Generating leads, enquiries and conversion from your website is an important part of growing your business and reaching the local community. Lead generation and conversion strategies are sequences in attracting your ideal customers then leading them to engage with your products and services. Below, we detail out 3 step approach to generating more customers.

You want to engage the attention of your website users with a strong call to action and service offering. You want to reach your ideal customer through a strong marketing campaign. Then, you want to convert by buying your products or accepting a quote for your services.

Lead generation is essential at each phase of the customer journey or marketing funnel. The first thing to work out is what a conversion means to you and your business. Perhaps is it a quote request, telephone call, PDF download, appointment request or online product purchase.

Check out our 3-step approach to generate leads, enquiries and conversions from your website.

Step 1. Engage

Engaging a customer is the first approach to generate leads and enquiries from your


Website Design

Many businesses choose to build a professional website without focusing on the element of conversion in the initial design stage. Before finalising a website design, it is important to review your service pages to see which ones might produce the best conversions. Always remember to add your contact information or email address in header of the website or the footer – so your customers can easily reach you.


Call to Action

Lead generation begins when a website visitor clicks on a call to action on your website. There are two parts to a call-to-action. The first is the call – this is the prompt we give to customers to purchase our product or services. The second is the action – this is the task that the prospective customer must take to become a paying customer.

Humans react more effectively when we are asked to do something. A call to action must contain a specific goal that you want the user to accomplish. Your website must contain engaging web pages and easy calls to the actions you’d like users to take.


Responsive Design

In 2020, it is essential that every website is mobile-friendly. Responsive web design is vital to creating the perfect user experience on all devices. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. The mobile screens are smaller and based on touch screen navigation; navigation should be simplified and easy to access.

Step 2: Reach

Reaching an audience with an effective online marketing strategy is sure to gain exposure and increase traffic to your website. SEO and Google Ads can help you generate leads and enquiries from your website.



SEO acts like a funnel, fetching a flow of leads to your blog posts or website, making it one of the best lead generation tools. To make the most of the opportunity, you need to create and improve high-quality content and specifically structured website service pages so that you become more discoverable in search engines. In turn, higher organic rankings will increase the total number of users that can see the value of what you offer and want to engage with your business.

Optimising the technical structure and content of your website improves your organic search engine rankings and increases your organic traffic
To ensure the long-term success of an SEO campaign and increase your organic traffic over time, a clear, data-driven SEO marketing strategy is essential. The idea is to set realistic and achievable goals that are incorporated into the broader goals of your business.


Google Ads

Google Ads can quickly increase website traffic because you can expand your geographic targeting by targeting specific cities. Unlike organic traffic, Google Ads allows you to have instant top of page positions in front of your specific audience.

You can also adjust the settings in Google Ads so that your Ad appears in the location where you offer services.

Step 3: Convert

Converting website users into leads is the third step in an effective conversion strategy to increase the number of leads and enquiries generated by your website.


Consider Email Marketing

Integrating an email marketing mailing list into your website will allow you to capture email addresses of website users. Email marketing is an important part of an online conversion strategy because emails help marketers to reach their visitors and build brand awareness. You can also keep in contact with your email marketing list with new deals and special offers to promote further leads and conversions.


Make Your Website Fast

Making your website fast not only helps to rank your site on Google, but it also improves the user experience of your visitors, increases traffic to your page, and increases your conversions. When designing your website always remember user experience – speed sells!


Create Engaging Content

Be sure to create engaging content that offers value and insight. Although it is important to improve your content for the Google search engines, you must remember that the search engines do not buy products or services from you- the website users do!

Contact practiceedge if you need assistance in generating leads and enquires from your website. We can review any existing website or assist you with creating a new website to grow your business!

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