Do website first impressions really matter?

It takes only three seconds for a user to decide if they will continue to look through your website or go back to the search results. Designing a website that meets your goals isn’t easy.

Your website is your client’s first impression of your business. You wouldn’t go to a huge sales meeting wearing havainas, would you? I’d say your potential clients wouldn’t be very impressed. Well, believe it or not, online first impressions are just as important.

What impression are you creating?
What does your current image say about your business?
Does your image tell people that they can trust you?

When visitors first land on your website they judge not just your website but your company as well. If they don’t like the look of your website they don’t tend to keep exploring further than the home page. Visitors will look at your logo, main navigation menu, the website’s main image, home page content and the bottom of your page.

A website’s first impression is related to how effectively designed your website is. A good looking website gives your business credibility and confirms that your business is capable of providing the service they are looking for. Your visual communication is just as important as the products or services you offer. To generate enquiries you need to influence your visitors with your visual appeal and create a positive first impression. The better the first impression, the longer visitors will stay on your page.

Things To Consider When Designing Your Website

  • people will stop engaging with a website if the design is unattractive.
  • customers search the web before making a purchase decision.
  • a website user’s first impressions are design-related.
  • consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.
  • It takes 1 second for users to form a first impression on a website.
  • It takes 3 seconds for a users eyes to land on the area of the website that most influences their first impression
  • People Like and Trust Nice Things

    Successful businesses work very hard in designing a website that is clear, consistent and generates enquiries. A good website will be easy to understand, have a clear structure and be easy to navigate with recognisable links. To design a website that creates leads you need to have visual elements creating a communication hierarchy, that will automatically take visitors from point A to point B. The human eye is a highly non-linear device, and web-users can instantly recognise edges, patterns and motions. The use of visual elements such as different font sizes, font in bold or italic, images and animations can help the visitors make their way in to the content they are looking for without thinking. Every web-page should be self explanatory with visual clues grabbing user’s attention and directing them to specific areas of the website.

    Creating a positive first impression for your website requires a carefully planned professional approach from start to finish.

    Generally speaking, website trends change every 2-3 years. If your website is starting to look a little tired or you’ve noticed a drop in sales or visitor engagement, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?