Competitor Insights Audit

Our Proprietary Software Will Show Exactly Where You Stand Against Your Competitors, And What Needs To Be Done To Beat Them!

Competitor Insights Audit
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Why Is Competition Analysis Important?

Competition analysis is an essential part of SEO. It allows you to compare your business against competitors to gain insight into what it takes to stand out. When completing competitor analysis for SEO, it’s all about interpreting data. But how do you know what analytics to compare? Where do you source them? And once you know these numbers, how do you overtake your competitors?

We’ve Redefined And Enhanced SEO Analysis

We’ve created proprietary software that analyses key SEO measures to determine your exact position. It offers insight into exactly where you stand and how to exceed your competitors. In a matter of minutes, we can complete this detailed analysis using nothing more than a few pieces of publically available data. For us, this software has changed the game in SEO analysis, and you can access it for free.

How Does It Work?

Competitor Insights is a software tool used to quickly analyse the competitive SEO landscape for any given keyword set. It compares a set of core SEO metrics for a keyword by contrasting your website against the top 10 page-one competitors.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand where you rank, and most importantly why
  • Find out exactly how your website is performing with detailed performance analytics
  • Identify gaps between your business and your top-performing competitors
  • Learn what’s required to outperform your competition
  • Develop an actionable set of tasks to drive online success

Nothing To Lose… Everything To Gain!

Even if you don’t progress to working with practiceedge after your free Competitor Insights audit, you’ll still have a clear indication of what needs to be done to be more competitive online. We’re the only ones offering this software because we created it.


Your Questions Answered

We are often asked which is better SEO or PPC for a marketing campaign. While both are very different it is important to consider the target audience and marketing goals wanting to be achieved. While SEO takes time it can provide long term steady results for strong organic rankings and traffic. Whereas one of the greatest advantages of PPC is that you can start seeing results and Ad positions instantly, and easily refine your campaign to attract your ideal customer.

Each month we’ll send detailed reports on your campaign performance as follows:

  • Custom monthly SEO & Google Ad dashboard reporting – this will be live so you can view it at any time throughout the month as needed.
  • Fortnightly updates on campaign performance and requests from your SEO account manager.

An SEO audit focuses on technical SEO. It looks at what’s wrong with your site instead of what keywords you’re ranking for and what needs to be done to better your position for them. Competitor Insights is different because we look at the strength of your keywords and how you compare to your most important competitors, that is, the top 10! Your CI Audit is data and outcome driven.

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Want To Know Where You Stand Against Competitors In Your Niche And Location?

Analyse your online performance for free using our proprietary software. We’ll crawl the web and compare your site against the best-performing businesses in your specialisation.

Stop the guesswork. Trust the data.

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