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Common Problems with Cheap Web Hosting: 6 Ways It Affects Your Business

Apr 23, 2021

Cheap or unreliable website hosting can adversely affect website performance, leading to negative consequences for your business. Below we explain the 6 most common issues experienced on websites with unreliable hosting, highlighting the importance of investing in a quality, local and trusted Web Host.

The lure of cheap web hosting is appealing. After all, who doesn’t like to save money?
But stop for a moment and consider this… why should your business web hosting cost less than your daily coffee fix?

With your website being your online shop front, your web host essentially provides the power to keep the lights on and the doors open. The last thing you want is for a customer to visit your website when it isn’t working or it’s painfully slow to load. Don’t forget your competition is just a click away.

Your web hosting is directly linked to your business ROI and is far too important to be skimping on. With so much at stake, let’s consider the 6 ways in which cheap web hosting can affect your business.

1. Speed

Cheaper website hosting is almost always shared web hosting; where one physical server is shared among many websites. Sharing resources like memory and bandwidth with a bunch of other websites can lead to a few websites monopolizing the much-needed resources, and you might that find you’re not adequately provided for.

With nearly 50% of consumers expecting a webpage to load in less than 2 seconds, fast page load speed is crucial to ensuring customers stay on your site and convert. But with shared web hosting, your website could potentially be slow to load, load incorrectly or simply not load at all. Is that the impression you want to leave with your customers?

2. Security

The internet is loaded with auto-bots and hackers, everyday trying to break into millions of websites. With approx 30,000 new websites hacked every day*, you don’t want yours to be one of them. Imagine having your website hacked, your online presence brought down and your data stolen? And then there’s the loss of revenue…

Cheap web hosts leave your website security up to you. To keep your site protected you’ll have to purchase website security plugins. It doesn’t stop there though. You’ll also need to spend your time constantly monitoring and updating these plugins. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time working on your business and pay somebody else to do this for you?

3. Poor Website Support & Longer Wait Times

With cheap hosts claiming to give great support, in reality their response is usually more of a wait-in-line approach. And with your website being hosted on a shared server, more often than not you’re not going to be the only website having issues.

We’ve already mentioned that website performance is often inferior with cheap hosts, so you’re probably going to be contacting them more often than you’d imagine and experiencing longer downtimes.

If you’re lucky and they do have good support, it’s still you that’s going to be dealing with the technical issues; to log into the CPanel and update the DNS config file. Do you even understand all this? Do you speak geek?

4. Website Backups

So your cheap host offers backup, but that backup will occur on the same server that you’re already hosted on and sometimes occurs only once a month. To be useful and mitigate risk, backups need to be done daily and to a different server from the one that you’re currently hosted on. That way, if the server goes down, you won’t lose both your website and the backup.

And using a cheap web host, if your website does go down, you’ll most likely be charged to have it restored. More time spent waiting on the phone, not to mention the additional cost!

5. Ease of use

Most cheap web hosts require you to manage your hosting account & email using CPanel. Cpanel is a wonderful tool, both flexible and powerful, but not exactly user-friendly. Do you know how to use it? If you’re not techy, then you’ll be tearing your hair out!

6. Domain Name Server (DNS)

Cheap webhosts won’t always be responsible for managing your Domain Name Server (DNS). Often it’s left up to you to ensure you configure your DNS correctly. And a simple misplaced password can result in a lost connection with your server and, you guessed it, your website is down.

Cheap web hosting can cost your business both time and customers if your website isn’t loading fast enough or is altogether down. And website downtime means lost revenue, as well as negative impacts to your SEO.

But above all, it can often boil down to one simple question… Ask yourself “Do you speak geek?” Because you’ll need to if you sign up for cheap hosting!

If you’d like to know more about our web hosting care packages, contact practiceedge.

*Source: Forbes 2019

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