Case Studies

Talaria Podiatrist

Campaign Highlights

Campaign Objectives

Talaria Podiatrist Of Thornbury is a Thornbury-based Podiatry clinic who were established to provide specialised assistance and improve the foot health of the local community.

Talaria Podiatrist of Thornbury, a community-focused foot care clinic, teamed up with practiceedge to amplify their digital footprint. Our shared mission was simple: boost the clinic’s online visibility to attract more local visitors to the website. This digital push aims to elevate online bookings and in turn, increase calls to the clinic, fostering community engagement and growing the patient base.

Campaign Challenges

In the early stages of our campaign, we faced a challenge with tracking online bookings coming from organic searches. The existing booking platform used by Talaria Podiatrist didn’t offer a straightforward way to set up conversion tracking, putting us in a tricky situation. This gap in our data was significant, as tracking online bookings is essential for assessing the performance of our digital strategy and for gaining insights into visitor behaviour on the site. Our inability to track conversions effectively meant we couldn’t fully evaluate the result we were achieving in terms of converting website visits into booked appointments.

We kicked off an extensive testing phase to uncover alternative methods for accurately tracking online booking conversions, designing an effective system that filled the data gap, allowing us to keep a close eye on conversions. This new setup gave us an accurate view of the user journey for traffic coming from organic searches. We gained invaluable insights into the sources of our traffic, the actions visitors took while on our site, and most importantly, whether they were following through and making bookings.

Podiatry SEO Campaign Results

practiceedge conducted an analysis on the website’s performance and determined that the optimal way to boost the healthcare SEO campaign was to embark on a few crucial steps.

These included re-writing the content for the website’s main service/condition pages. In addition to this, we decided to create localised pages in order to engage website visitors from nearby suburbs who were actively seeking the services provided on the site. Looking ahead, our plan is to progressively work through the rest of the website pages. The goal is to ensure the content on each page is of high quality and is tuned to perform well in search engine results.

This combination of techniques is designed to not only increase visibility but also to improve user engagement and conversion rates. The implementation of these new strategies has shown promising results thus far. Within just a month of initiating this new campaign, we’ve seen the website’s rankings for local search terms skyrocket to page one for nearly all local keyword rankings. This rapid improvement demonstrates the efficiency and impact of our campaign strategies.

It’s important to note that that this campaign is in its early stages, with traffic and conversion tracking systems only recently implemented. As such, we don’t have past data for a direct comparison. That said, initial feedback from the client is promising – they’re already experiencing the positive impact of our revamped strategies. We’re excited about this progress and feel confident that we’re on a course towards achieving even greater performance milestones in the near future.

More Client Results

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