Case Studies


Campaign Highlights

From August 2022 to August 2023:

Campaign Objectives

Neurosensory are Sydney-based educational therapists and NDIS providers who help children and adults with learning disorders and learning difficulties.

With the goal of increasing customer engagement and securing more appointments, Neurosensory chose to build on their organic search reach with a refined SEO campaign. This move was inspired by the marked success they experienced with practiceedge’s SEO Jumpstart program in the previous year.

Neurosensory had a well-defined goal: to drive more phone calls and online appointment queries via increased website traffic. They believed their ongoing SEO work with practiceedge would elevate their online profile and attract a wider audience, ultimately fuelling their business expansion. Having seen the strong outcomes of previous collaborations with practiceedge, Neurosensory had good reason to expect a positive impact. Their aim was to maintain a strong search engine ranking, making it straightforward for potential clients to discover them online and thus encouraging a rise in call and appointment bookings.

Campaign Challenges

Working in a sensitive area that serves both children and adults with learning challenges, practiceedge had to be exceptionally careful and accurate in crafting content for Neurosensory’s website. This called for in-depth research and a collaborative approach with our client. This partnership led to the creation of high-quality content that struck a balance between meeting search engine criteria and providing genuine value to visitors, resulting in an enriched overall user experience on the website.

SEO Campaign Results

In April 2022, practiceedge kicked off an SEO Jumpstart for Neurosensory, laying down the essential groundwork for a successful digital strategy. This involved setting up key accounts like Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. We also put into action crucial conversion tracking methods, made important on-page improvements, created new content, built citations, and fine-tuned their Google My Business listing. All these steps collectively provided Neurosensory with a solid foundation for effective SEO efforts.

Following the successful SEO Jumpstart in 2022, Neurosensory chose to continue their partnership with practiceedge in June 2023. This next phase was focused on a long-term healthcare SEO strategy, particularly concentrating on enhancing and expanding content. The results were compelling. Between August 2022 and August 2023, the number of users jumped from 203 to 356. Even more impressive, conversions surged by a remarkable 71.43%. These outcomes underline the value and impact of our ongoing SEO activities.

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