Case Studies

Midland Podiatry

Campaign Highlights

3067 organic sessions over the first year from 2279 users

302 online bookings

Ranking position 1 in organic search for their tracked services

Campaign Objectives

Situated in Perth’s Eastern Suburbs, Midland Podiatry are dedicated to enabling their patients to live long, healthy and active lives.

Seeking to amplify their brand’s online visibility and expand their clientele, Midland Podiatry engaged practiceedge to implement a comprehensive SEO campaign. The central goal behind this healthcare digital marketing strategy was to elevate their website’s standing in Google search rankings, thereby boosting its discoverability across leading search engines. This aimed to streamline the process for potential clients to find Midland Podiatry online and easily book appointments, ultimately supporting both the clinic’s growth and revenue streams.

SEO Campaign Results

To elevate the efficacy of Midland Podiatry’s SEO initiative, practiceedge utilised a multi-dimensional strategy, taking into account both the on-page and off-page aspects of the website.

On the on-page side, design elements and user-friendly features were fine-tuned to meet search engine preferences, including navigational ease and keyword relevance. Additionally, under-the-hood factors like site loading speed, mobile compatibility, URL structuring, and Meta tags were also analysed and optimised for SEO.

Off-page tactics focused on generating high-quality backlinks to increase the site’s search engine credibility and visibility. This was complemented by a continual roll-out of new content, fulfilling dual roles: replenishing landing pages and enriching the site’s blog as part of a broader content marketing approach. The result was a tangible improvement in SEO ranking.

The impact of these comprehensive measures was significant. Within just one year, practiceedge’s podiatry SEO approach pulled in 3,067 organic sessions from a user base of 2,279. This traffic was not only high in volume but also high in quality, resulting in 302 online appointments. As a direct result of our SEO efforts, the services offered by the client achieved the coveted first rank in organic search results. Through this methodical healthcare SEO strategy, the client was able to tap into a previously neglected marketing avenue, thereby broadening their customer reach and potential income streams.

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