Case Studies

Foot and Leg Pain Centre

Campaign Highlights

From June 2023 to August 2023:

Campaign Objectives

The Foot and Leg Pain Centre is a reputable podiatry clinic nestled in the heart of Dural, in Sydney's Hills District, specialising in giving relief to individuals suffering from foot and leg discomfort.

In the course of our collaboration with The Foot And Leg Pain Centre, we took on the task of building a new podiatry website from the ground up. Complementing this, we rolled out a tailored SEO campaign with a key goal: to drive up enquiries for the clinic, both in the form of phone calls and online bookings. The focus wasn’t limited to their local area but also aimed at expanding reach to surrounding regions.

Prior to beginning the campaign, The Foot And Leg Pain Centre had enjoyed reasonable visibility within its immediate locale of Dural. While the existing website had done well there, it was virtually invisible in nearby areas. To tackle this shortfall, we employed targeted SEO strategies to extend the clinic’s online reach. This concerted effort aimed to not just improve the clinic’s online visibility, but also to facilitate increased enquiries and bookings from a wider geographic radius.

Campaign Challenges

During the course of our podiatry SEO campaign, we encountered a hurdle related to the older iframe system used for our client’s online booking platform. This older structure featured a ‘consent for cookies’ popup that was unintentionally impeding conversions. Essentially, users had to click ‘accept’ to continue, an extra step that could deter them from completing their booking. From a data perspective, if users disregarded this popup or didn’t click ‘accept’, our ability to track conversions accurately was compromised. To rectify this, we implemented an update that swapped out the older system with an embedded form directly within the website. This tactical change successfully sidestepped the problem, enhancing both user experience and tracking efficiency.

SEO Campaign Results

Following our keyword analysis, we tailored 20 high-impact location pages for our client, zeroing in on areas with a strong demand for podiatry services. These pages were populated with relevant content and optimised to gain credibility with Google.

Since rolling out, the healthcare SEO campaign has demonstrated substantial progress, affecting multiple performance indicators positively. Specifically, the campaign targeted the improvement of the newly-created local suburb pages. Within just three months, we’ve managed to secure first-page Google rankings for all of them, with 13 pages breaking into the top 5 search results.

From June to August 2023, user engagement metrics showed encouraging signs. Unique users shot up from 152 in June to 243 in August—a roughly 60% growth. Impressions followed suit, nearly doubling from 7,536 to an impressive 14,224. Business-wise, The Foot and Leg Pain Centre also felt the positive impacts, with 39 confirmed online bookings recorded for August. Although tracking issues in June prevented exact data collection, we saw a notable jump from 30 conversions in July 2023.

In addition, our SEO efforts amplified other channels of communication. Phone calls soared from just 2 in June to 43 in August, and general form enquiries also increased. Our SEO strategies have been highly successful in elevating visibility, boosting user activity, and enhancing overall client engagement, contributing to a meaningful increase in business outcomes for The Foot and Leg Pain Centre.

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