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practiceedge email policy

As part of your hosting plan, we’ll establish as many email accounts for your domain as you require provided the space required does not exceed your disk space quota. Please be aware that the disk space provided within your hosting is limited to a pre-set maximum. Your hosting space must allow for both your website files and database as well as your email accounts. Due to this, we strongly discourage clients taking their own website account backups…we already have a comprehensive website backup protocol.

In the event that you receive excessively large email attachments, use IMAP accounts or do not automatically delete your POP emails after downloading to your desktop email client, your disk space will become exhausted.

When your disk allowance is full, you will no longer be able to send or receive emails until space is either cleared, or your account disk size allowance is increased. To increase your disk capacity you’ll need to contact us and we can upgrade your account for an additional fee.

In order to clear space within your email account, you will need to delete emails from the server – both within the offending folder and in the trash folder once deleted. YES…you have to double delete an email for it to be removed from your server and to free disk space.

If you require more capacity, you may be better opting for a 3rd party email service such as gmail or Office 365. Please contact us and we can assist with the necessary transfer.

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