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Marson Industries

Sep 1, 2020

Marson Industries are an Australian manufacturer of high quality, industrial-grade tarpaulins, covers and liners. For over 50 years Marson Industries, located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, have been a leading manufacturer and Australia-wide supplier to the agriculture & farming, freight & transportation, mining, and roofing & construction industries, as well as spill containment systems.

practiceedge took over running Marson Industries’ Google Ads campaign management when Marson Industries, who had previously been managing their own campaign, became concerned with the overall running of their campaign generating clicks but not conversions.

campaign highlights


297% increase in phone calls generated from the Google Ad campaign


559% increase in conversions generated from the Google Ad campaign


Decreased the average cost per conversion by 52%


Increased the total number of phone calls from 67 to 333

practiceedge took over the Marson Industries Google Ads campaign targeting similar keyword themes and locations. We did however restructure the campaign, and, with an increased budget, saw it immediately started generating increased clicks and phone calls. The last 6 months have seen the campaign move from strength to strength, despite the health pandemic.

We tracked phone calls, checkout orders received, quote request submissions, contact form submissions and emails.

practiceedge was able to make the following notable improvements during the last 6 months of the campaign:

789% increase in the total number of clicks the campaign received


510% increase in the total number of conversions


1233% increase in the total number of phone calls


48% decrease in the average cost per click