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Hux Concrete Co

Feb 26, 2019

Hux Concrete Co is a exposed aggregate concrete company offering services to all homes & businesses throughout Melbourne. We developed an online identity for the company first with a website & SEO campaign to market the new online profile.

We created Hux Concrete Co a new website which reinforced their strong industry reputation and helped attract new clients.

campaign highlights


Obtaining top 4 ranking positions for 12 Melbourne based keywords


Obtaining strong local presence in Melbourne suburbs using our propriety software


Obtaining top 7 ranking positions for non-geo targeted keyword


Increasing organic traffic by over 664% within 6 months

seo campaign growth

Firstly our team completed keyword research for each of the keyword themes in their SEO campaign. After constructing all on-page meta data properties we also used our propriety software to create local presence for keywords like “aggregate concrete SUBURB”, “Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway SUBURB” & “Exposed Aggregate SUBURB”.

We were also able to create strong presence with keywords in the top 7 for non-geo-targeted keywords. This allowed the exposed for the business for people searching for the generic product term rather than the suburb or region also included in the search term.

6 months into the campaign the organic growth we saw was over 664% with the first month organic users being 31 in total to 237 organic users in the 6th month.

Organic Traffic Increased over 664% from first month of campaign through to 6th month:

keyword rankings

Within 6 months of the beginning of the campaign we were able to see the growth of the top 12 Melbourne keywords with all now ranking in the top 4 positions on page 1.

For keywords like “exposed concrete driveways Melbourne” there was a 190% increase – starting off at ranking position 77 now rankings 2nd organically.

“Exposed Aggregate Melbourne” saw a 195% increase from 87th at the bottom to mid-range of page 8 to now ranking 1st organically.

Obtaining top 4 positions for 12 Melbourne based keywords:
Obtaining top 7 positions for 4 non-geo targeted keywords: