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Dr. Hayden Waterham

Dec 13, 2021

Dr. Hayden Waterham, a highly respected obstetrician and gynecologist based in Melbourne, sought the experience of practiceedge to build his new site.

Dr. Waterham needed a new site that not only promoted the services and treatments he offers, but also acted as a tool to provide educational resources to existing and potential clients, as well as convey the personalised service and level of care that he offers.

Our design and development team produced a site with an emphasis on engaging content layout, captivating imagery, and coherent page design emphasised by a two-tier navigation structure.

Drawing from Dr. Waterham’s logo, pastel hues of blue and pink pastel were incorporated throughout the site, forming a color palette that evokes feelings of kindness, empathy and hope, as well as also reflecting the calm, caring, and kind level of service provided.

Adding a personal touch, Dr. Waterham produced videos for inclusion on the site that provide insight into who Dr. Waterham is, and what a client can expect when under his care.

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