business in demand

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connect. engage. grow.

what is a business in demand?

Quite simply, it means you have a comprehensive online strategy that generates an automated stream of new and existing clients eager to use your services and purchase your products.

You’ll have an incredibly strong online presence, you convey authority via quality content, you are trusted and your business is highly profitable.

business in demand

Our roadmap consists of 3 engines which power your journey to your final destination – that of being a business in demand!

We refer to these engines as Connect, Engage, and Grow.

The Connect engine is your online identity. It’s basically how you connect with prospective clients through a perfectly functioning website as well as an extensive and accurate online profile.

The Engage engine ensures that you are pitching the right message to the right audience. It’s making sure that your audience knows that you understand what they need, and that you’ve got the solution to their problems.

The Grow engine takes this message and broadcasts it loudly and clearly to your ideal target audience. It also helps you to proactively maintain the engagement of existing clients.


website and support

Creation and maintenance of an aesthetically beautiful site that is easy to use, is secure and functions perfectly.

conversion & optimisation

Based on our market research, develop a new message that is both fresh, unique and potentially polarising.

digital identity

Ensure your online profile accurately represents your business.


targeted message

Extensive keyword and industry research ensures that you are pitching the right message to the right person.

authority video

Creation of expertly produced video content that help explain your core services.

unique content

Professionally written content offering your products and services as a solution for the needs of your intended audience.


search presence

Invest in the promotion of your business by enhancing your presence through organic avenues such as search, YouTube, Google My Business and Facebook.

paid marketing

Promote your services with fast access to an exact target audience using paid media .

client engagement

Proactive communication with your existing customers with useful information or offers keeping you front of mind.

our process


Here we’ll conduct detailed research and discover how best to proceed. We’ll ask questions such as: What’s the end goal? What do you want to sell or promote? Who are your customers? What are their frustrations? How do we best represent you online?


There’s a ton of work to be done! We’ll carefully plan your 12 month journey of research, competitor analysis, resource development, deployment and promotion.


We’ll get to work and set our creative and development teams to work to build everything required to create your business in demand.


We’ve got a strategy, roadmap and we’ve developed the resources. We’ll now put the plan into action ensuring we carefully monitor and adjust to deliver the best results possible.

how we build a business in demand

The Business in Demand model is an intense program that requires significant investment in terms of time and financial outlay. It’s for those serious about generating an exceptional online presence that will significantly drive business growth.

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