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Boost your Conversions: Why you Need a Strong Call to Action

Apr 7, 2021

Transforming website visitors into customers- the importance of Call to Actions and how to ensure your website is designed to maximise conversions.

A Call to Action (CTA) is the key ingredient to successful marketing – motivating your audience to take that leap into becoming a customer, swiftly turning a lead into a conversion. When it comes to online marketing, Call to Actions are the perfect way to seize an opportunity. After all, when you have a captive audience on your website or social media profile, instructing them on what to do next is essential. Don’t forget that your competition is a mere click away.

Placing a Call To Action button on your website can lead a customer through to a different page where they can be influenced to take a further action, like a purchase, sign-up, an enquiry or booking an online appointment. It could even lead them directly to speaking to your business with one simple click on ‘CALL NOW’.

With more than 90% of visitors who read your headline also reading your CTAs* the power of the Call To Action can’t be underestimated. A Call To Action will appeal to your audience, inviting their response.

Where are Call to Actions Used?

Calls To Action and sales funnels go hand in hand, with the call to actions serving as transitions between the phases of the buyer’s journey. They tell the user what to do next, and prompt them to take immediate action.

Calls to action aren’t only significant to business though. Customers don’t just want a Call To Action, they’ve come to expect it, with many people depending upon the CTA at the end of the page to lead them to the next step. The audience has read your ad copy, they’re interested in your brand, and look for the CTA button to learn what to do next to engage further. Your audience will become confused without a Call To Action, dramatically reducing your chances of converting them.

The Call To Action is the key ingredient that will encourage your audience to seal the deal. Without it, your copy messaging will fall flat, lacking the final hook that inspires customers to take the next step.

Call To Actions are crucial for driving sales through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, conveying the intent of the campaign to your audience in limited time.

The Characteristics of an Effective Call to Action

An effective CTA carefully considers 3 key factors: placement, design and copy.

Strategically placed CTAs consider maximum attention and the customer’s visual focus. Multiple CTAs can work better than a single CTA on the page, but the customer shouldn’t be confused by different competing CTA messages. An effective CTA is cleverly designed to be recognisable, appealing and well-defined, standing out on the page with striking impact.

The copy or words of the CTA can make all the difference to its success. Whatever action its intended to drive, your Call To Action copy must be clear, direct and communicate value to the customer. You’re asking them to act and click a button, so make sure they know how they’ll benefit and what they’ll get in return. Use the benefit-focused “Get More Tips” instead of “Subscribe!”

Using strong active verbs like Order, Subscribe, Buy, Learn and Get will drive the success of the Call To Action. Above all, your CTA must provide assurance and build trust, particularly when there’s a purchase involved. This can be done with a few simple words, like “unsubscribe at any time”.

If you’re already using Call to Actions, consider how you could strengthen them to drive the customer through your conversions funnel. While “Download” is okay, “Get your free e-book” is better. While “Submit” is clear, “Get free quote” is a stronger benefit focused CTA. Once again “Buy Now” might be direct and clear but lacks the benefit focus of “Add to cart – Save 25%”.  So, consider what action you want your customers to take and drive them cleverly towards it.

Call to Actions are a Necessity for all Modern Websites

A strong Call To Action is the most powerful conversion driving tool on your website. It’s the cherry on the top. The right CTA at the perfect moment will push the customer in the right direction, securing the conversion and leading the journey on towards customer loyalty. Whether you choose to be subtle or blunt, create a sense of urgency or gently steer, your CTA should lead the customer to take action now. Ignoring the power of the Call To Action will cost you conversions. Let your Call To Action shine and success will follow.

If you’d like to know more about how your business can boost conversions, contact practiceedge.

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