AdWords is a Google service that offers an effective way to drive qualified traffic to your site based specifically on the keywords you select. The great advantage of this is that you can start seeing results instantly and easily refine your campaign to attract your ideal customer.

Google AdWords allows you to quickly list your website on Google at the precise time customers are searching for your products and services. You can obtain targeted exposure for your products and services locally, nationally or internationally.

By having your ads appear on search results, you get exposure at the point of search. That is, you choose which ad appears for a set of defined keywords, at the times you want and on the search partners you want.


Define your search audience & budget.

Google AdWords is an online keyword auction. You bid to present your keywords against your competitors who are bidding for the same.

The highest bid will win the highest position on the page!

Our strategists carefully analyse historical Google data to determine the best keyword set to represent your business and provide an estimate of the likely monthly spend required.

It is important to note that your campaign keyword set is very carefully tailored to minimise your spend whilst maximisng your exposure.

campaign design

Tailoring your message for the market.

Upon defining who we are targeting, we now set about building a winning campaign to present your business to the market place.

This consists of writing ad copy that specifically targets each individual set of keywords – your ad groups.

Equally important, is to build a custom landing page for each of your ad groups so users are exposed only to content that relates to their search query.

The combination of creating sets of specific keywords, ad copy and landing pages not only helps to more fully engage with your audience but also assists with improving your Google quality score which increases your position and decreases your cost-per-click!

campaign design

Tailoring your message for the market.

full control

Total accountability & fast, predictable results.

The beauty of Google AdWords is that it takes less than a day to analyse and establish your campaign. Once the campaign has been approved you can literally be #1 for your chosen search terms within hours!

We’ll then fine tune and monitor your campaign regularly to ensure you get the best value and ad position. Finally, our monthly reporting will always keep you in the loop about your campaign performance.


Spend as much or little as you want.

You pay nothing for your ad to appear – payment is only for the clicks on your ad.

Since you define your budget, you have total control over how much you spend.

practiceedge are experienced in designing custom online marketing campaigns to help your business stand out and grow.


Spend as much or little as you want.

give your business
the online edge