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8 Reasons to Host With practiceedge

Feb 16, 2021

At practiceedge, we only host reputable websites and have a deep understanding of the type of content that the websites on our platform publish.
Sadly, hosting is generally an overlooked feature during the website development process but is critically important to get correct if you want your website to load fast, stay secure and remain online 24/7.
Below we’ve outlined 8 reasons why practiceedge is the best hosting provider for any Australian-based business.

Premium Australian-based hosting

Our super-fast Australian servers are second-to-none. You want to make sure that your website loads fast, so your visitors sit there staring at a white screen before they decide to leave.

Google now also take website load speeds into consideration within their search results, which, for anyone doing SEO, is a huge factor. The easiest way to speed up your website is by choosing a hosting provider within your country.

Multi-location hosting

Your website never sleeps, and neither should your hosting platform. In the event that one of our servers goes down for any reason, a backup server will automatically take over to ensure that your website remains online 24/7.

Professional incoming and outgoing email filtering

Email spam is becoming the norm these days, with thousands of pieces of spam potentially reaching your inbox, who has the time to manually sort through all of them and block the serial offenders?

Having a professional-grade spam filter saves you the time and headache of having to deal with unwanted email spam. Our professional email filtering system stops spam dead in it’s tracks BEFORE it reaches your mailbox.

Up to 10 individual daily backups of your website

If your website is business critical, then having daily backups is an absolute essential feature.

From hacked websites, to broken plugins and themes, to accidentally deleting website files that cause your website to break, being able to re-install a backup of your website could save you tens of hours or hundreds of dollars.

At practiceedge, we keep daily backups of your website to ensure that you always have the latest version of your website available to reupload if problems with your website were to occur.

SSL certificate inclusion

An SSL certificate is required for any website that asks for personal information from a visitor.

Search engines, such as Google, are also cracking down on non-SSL websites by marking them ‘potentially not safe’, which may affect the trustworthiness of your website from the eyes of a visitor.

Our hosting packages automatically include an SSL certificate for your website and will be installed for you by our team.

Once installed, you’ll notice your website address will include ‘HTTPS’ instead of the regular ‘HTTP’.

5GB disk storage

Our hosting plans start with 5GB of storage, so your website will have plenty of room to grow without breaking the bank.

Additional storage can be purchased for businesses who have a larger capacity or require more room for email hosting.

Unlimited support for hosting and DNS issues

We provide unlimited support for any hosting or DNS issues you might have and work to quickly resolve these issues.

We can also help facilitate the transfer of your website from another hosting provider to our own.

Assistance with email setup, password management & IP blocking

Setting up email addresses on different computers and devices can be tricky and frustrating.

Do you use IMAP or POP? SSL or Non-SSL? Which port numbers and mail servers do you use?

At practiceedge, we can take the stress away by providing full email setup assistance for you and your employees.

If you lock yourself out of your website or email address (a security feature known as IP blocking to prevent multiple attempts at breaking into your website) or lose or forgot your password we can also help to unblock your IP address and reset your email passwords in a matter of minutes.

contact practiceedge for your hosting needs

In addition to our hosting plans, we also offer a range of optional care plans which feature additional benefits such as 24/7 uptime monitoring, virus and malware monitoring, WordPress plugin and theme updates & dedicated developer support time.

Contact us today on (03) 8418 8055 to chat to our team about how our hosting plans can help get your business online.

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