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7 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

Jun 29, 2021

You’ve invested time into growing your Facebook page, but you want to learn how to get the most out of every post. Below we’ve outlined strategies to help you engage with your current audience and create an open dialogue on each of your posts.

Show Your Personality

Think of social media as a tool used to amplify your message to the masses. Your message should be in line with your company’s voice and tone.

For brand consistency, your style of writing should reflect a similar tone to that of your website – although social media should be more, social, and needs to have a less commercial tone of voice.

Ask Questions

Getting people to like, comment and share your content are proven ways to boost your Facebook engagement.

Asking questions and creating polls is an easy way to get your audience to engage with your posts as well as providing valuable insight into what your customers want.

Use Images

Our brain processes visual information up to 60,000 times faster than text.

Images are a powerful way to quickly tell stories and engage with your audience. They also act as a ‘thumb-stopper’, which refers to the catching the attention of a viewer

Creating sharable images (such as infographics) are a great way to connect with your audience and create an asset that can be shared by your audience with the potential for it to go viral.

Provide an Inside Look at Your Company

Social media allows you to pull the curtain back and show your customers the inner workings of your business.

Giving customers a glimpse into your business by posting photos and videos of your staff, showcasing your customers and sharing insights into your local community are ways to not only promote your business without seeming overly promotional, but it also creates greater trust between you and your customers.

A customer who has been featured on your Facebook page is more likely to then share that content with their group of friends, helping to amplify your exposure.

Stay Specific

Facebook business pages allow you to dive into the analytics of your page and see which of your posts your fans best respond to, and what times your followers are most active on Facebook.

Once you figure out what kind of content your audience best respond to, simply post more of the same.

The Facebook newsfeed algorithm will increase your organic reach based on the level of fan engagement your posts get. The more engagement on your post, the larger your organic reach.

Use Your Fans Content

Another strategy to increase the engagement and reach of your is to share your fans content.

Highlighting your fans and sharing their content is based on the law of reciprocity, where doing something nice for someone who have a deep-rooted psychological urge for them to do something nice for you.

In this instance, it could be them sharing your content about them on their own newsfeed or mentioning you to their inner circle.

Run a Contest or Competition

It’s no secret that people love to win things. Running giveaways and competitions are a popular way to boost your follower count on Facebook and Instagram, but they’re also great at boosting engagement levels.

The easiest competition to run on your Facebook page is to create a post giving away a product or service to people who like, share and comment on the competition post within a certain timeframe.

Not many people will engage with content that’s dull and boring. Use the strategies above and watch your engagement levels skyrocket. To learn more about Facebook marketing, contact practiceedge.

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