5 New Patient Offers That Work in 2021

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Introductory offers for new patients are a great way to attract customers online quickly and can be an effective marketing tool to gain quick traction on your competitors. They can achieve great results with your SEO and even faster results when worked into a Google Ads campaign. Below, we discuss the new patient offers that work in 2021, helping you to stand out from the crowd and grow your business.

If you’re prepared to use one, your offer should be comparable with your competitors but still needs to stand out. So, check out what your competitors are offering and offer something different. If you can tailor your offer to be more attractive, you’ll be well geared for enticing the patients your competition was hoping to attract.

The recent COVID19 pandemic presents businesses with unusual challenges for attracting new patients. The waters are unchartered, so be a step ahead and consider the obstacles your potential customers might now face. Many households are experiencing financial hardship, so Afterpay offers would be more enticing now than ever, allowing customers to get the healthcare they need when they need it.

But avoid making offers that breach government regulation for health practitioners. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency comprehensively outlines what you can and can’t do. As much as an enticing offer could attract a new customer, if it’s not within government regulation, it could land your business in hot water!

Here are 5 new patient offers to consider implementing in 2021: 

1. Welcome Packs

Welcome packs for a fixed price are a great way to attract new patients. They can range from an introductory offer through to super combination packages as a welcoming enticement for a new customer. They’re the cherry on top!

For example: New Patient Welcome Pack for a Dentist could include: • Checkup • X-Rays • Scale & Clean • Fluoride

2. Combination Service Packs

Combination service packages for a fixed price are another effective way to attract new patients. They can range from a simple combination of 2 services through to any number of services. The combination packs bundle services and are perceived as value for money.

When cleverly planned they can contain less popular services that are perceived as expensive and not always necessary, services that patients might not always request but are happy to use and pay a reduced price for if contained in their pack.

A good example of this is a dental clean. Some dental patients are known to go for the check-up and skip the clean. But if the clean is incorporated into a special offer price, it can clinch the deal!

Some examples of popular dental combination services packs are:
New Patient $99 Checkup & Clean, New Patient Offer Examination & Clean $199

3. Afterpay offers

New patient enticements of Afterpay offers are of huge benefit to customers who simply don’t have the money to pay in one transaction. With many households now experiencing hardship like never before, this offer will ensure they can still get healthcare when they need it. Afterpay offers are particularly popular with the dental industry.

Example: Get a dental check-up, x-ray and clean for $37.25* over 4 equal payments with #Afterpay (*$149 total).

4. Initial Consultation Discounts

Discounted initial consultations are well perceived by new patients and can be a nice sweetener. They are particularly popular in the areas of physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and podiatry. With many clinics offering these already, ensure your offer is comparable but unique. Discounts can be specified as $off or %off.

Some examples of popular initial consultation discount offers are: New Patient Offer 50% Off Initial Consult valid for 1st appointment only, and New Patient Offer $30 Off Initial Assessment.

5. Gap Free Offers

A Gap free offer can be appealing for patients with Private Health Insurance cover, as there’s no out-of-pocket expense experienced. These offers have always worked well in the past, particularly in the dental industry, but in light of recent financial hardship experienced by many Australian families, they might not be as popular due to the falling rates of families with Private Health Insurance cover.

Eg. Gap free – No Out Of Pocket Expense If You Have Private Health Insurance cover

Drive new patient numbers with special offers that are enticing and unique. If your competitors are providing a “discounted initial consultation”, then your offer needs to be comparable to be effective. Always make sure that your offer isn’t time limited and can’t be perceived as hard sell. Offers with time limits, that put undue pressure on patients, aren’t just considered bad form for healthcare but are against regulation and could land you a substantial fine.

If you would like to know more about ‘New Patient Offers’ to attract more healthcare patients, contact practiceedge.

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