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12 Ways to Get More Phone Calls from Your Digital Marketing

Sep 1, 2020

How often are new customers calling your business? The 12 proven strategies below have been identified by the expert marketing team at practiceedge as being the most practical, effective ways to ensure your phone keeps ringing.

Improving return on investment is powered largely by increasing leads. Calls are often your most valuable leads, converting up to 10 times the rate of other online conversions. There are a few simple ways to make your website and digital marketing strategy result in more phone calls.

Below are 12 ways to maximise the phone calls generated by your digital marketing.

1. Display Your Phone Number Clearly

It’s crucial that visitors to your website can quickly and easily find your business’ contact phone number. A contact phone number should always feature prominently in the header and a second listing should always be found in your website’s footer, so that on every given page it is the first and last thing that the customer sees. Featuring a phone number in a Call to Action in the body of a lead generating webpage is also desirable and will increase the rate of conversions.

2. Hyper-linked phone numbers

Make contact effortless by featuring clickable phone numbers with hyperlinks for when the customer is using their mobile to view your website. With a simple click, your phone will be ringing!

3. Call-Based Call-To-Actions

Feature a Call Now button as the main call-to-action on your website, as well as GoogleAds landing pages. And always supply call options on your website forms. Don’t forget to test your calls-to-action to ensure they’re working properly.

4. Optimise Your Google Ads Campaigns to Drive Calls

Boost your return on investment by optimising your GoogleAds to generate phone calls. Feature Call Extensions to drive phone calls from local search ads. And use Call Only ads to encourage people to call your business. A Call Only ad will allow the customer to call you directly when they click the ad, without having to visit your website first.

5. Optimise Ad Targeting for Peak Call Times

Tracking and analysing data will tell you when peak phone call times are. And knowing your peak call times, allows you to make more informed decisions about scheduling staff to answer calls, as well as potentially bidding more on Google Ads.

6. Re-target Callers Who Don’t Convert

You can target past callers, who didn’t initially convert, with ads and landing pages encouraging them to call again. You could even bid more on Google Ads for a past caller; after all, you know they’re a good lead as they’ve called once before.

7. Drive Phone Calls from Mobile Emails with a Click to Call Button

Encourage customer calls using clickable CALL buttons when reading your marketing emails from their mobile phones. Providing a quick and easy option for calling your business directly from an email will influence the customer to take further action.

8. Drive Calls from Facebook

Add your business’ phone number on your Facebook Company page and use “Call Now” buttons to drive new customers.

9. Data Driven Approach to Phone Calls

Capture data from phone calls to measure ROI, improve targeting and optimise ad spend for what’s really driving customers. Consider what marketing channel drove the call, the search keywords, the specific ad or program, website interaction and the webpage that resulted in the call, as well as the caller profile, their location, time and day of call and whether they’re a repeat or a first time caller. The quality of the lead is also important- consider whether it converted and the value of the call.

10. Implement Call Tracking

Call tracking provides actionable digital marketing analytics for inbound phone calls, as well as the ability to analyse and optimise the call experience. Integrating call tracking with your digital marketing and GoogleAds for the entire customer journey from the online origin through to the phone call, allows you to optimise ad targeting, spend and website experience for driving quality conversions.

11. Influence Call Experience

Boost your return on investment by considering caller experience. Ensure you address any issues that result in a poor customer experience, such as missed calls, lengthy wait times, and if a caller is passed from staff member to staff member.

12. Analyse the Caller Experience for Marketing Insights

Important marketing insight can be gained from analysing the caller experience. Factors such as whether the call was answered, how long it lasted, was it a sales lead, did it convert, why were they calling and which staff member dealt with the call are all worth considering.

If you’d like to know more about how you can use your website and digital marketing to get more phone calls, increase conversions and improve ROI, contact practiceedge.

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