10 Reasons WordPress is the Best Choice for Your Business Website

10 Reasons WordPress Feature
Considering building your business a website? Chances are you’ve come across WordPress or had it recommended to you. It’s no secret that here at practiceedge we’re big WordPress fans, we’ve been using the platform for over 10 years, build websites with it every day and use it to power our own website – the very one you’re looking at now!

Don’t just take our word for it though – here are 10 reasons WordPress is the best choice for your business website.

WordPress is Free

Downloading the core WordPress software from is 100% free, regardless if you are using it for commercial or personal purposes. There are no limitations on what you can use WordPress to build, so it’s perfect for businesses of all sizes.

WordPress is Easy To Use

The WordPress admin section is one of the most user-friendly interfaces around. With clear navigation to access the different sections of the site, a dedicated media library for managing images and files and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, familiar to anyone who has edited a basic Word document, even the least tech savvy business owner should have no trouble in managing their content.

WordPress Supports Multiple Users

Got more than one person in your business that manages the website? WordPress allows you to add unlimited users to the site, each with their own personal login and password. Users can have different permission levels so they can be granted access only to the sections that they need.This also means you can grant access to your web developer, designer or other support services without giving out your personal password, and users can be removed when you no longer want them to be able to login.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Out of the box, WordPress is already optimised to support SEO. By using compliant, high quality code, WordPress developers have taken care of the majority of SEO issues that many website owners encounter, making it easier for search engines to crawl. On top of this, there are a range of free and premium SEO plugins that allow you to further optimise your site.

WordPress is Easy to Customise

WordPress is an extremely flexible system, able to be easily customised via themes and plugins to support your business requirements. Themes allow you to change up the look and feel of your site and there are thousands of free and paid themes available, with a wide range of design options.
Similarly, plugins allow you to add custom functionality to your site, covering everything from basic additions like contact forms or social media feeds to advanced features such as ecommerce. WordPress also allows full access to edit and update its code, so if you are working with a web developer to build your site, they can further customise it to your exact requirements.

WordPress Supports Essential Business Features

As mentioned above, WordPress plugins can be used to build advanced functionality into your business website. Want to sell products online? WordPress supports full ecommerce functionality. Need an online booking system? WordPress has several plugins that can take care of this or you can integrate your compatible third-party booking system directly into your site. Need a blog for marketing? WordPress was built for blogging. Social media, mailing lists, membership sites, online learning platforms and more are within the realms of what WordPress can achieve.

WordPress is Compatible with any Hosting Package

While there are companies that offer WordPress specific hosting, your WordPress website can be set up on virtually any hosting package. This gives you the flexibility to choose a provider based on other important factors such as local servers, access to quality support and optimised security features.

WordPress has a Worldwide Community

WordPress powers over 35% of all websites on the web, is available in 196 languages and the latest build of the software has been downloaded over 29,000,000 times. WordPress is open source software, so it is used, adapted and contributed to by developers worldwide.

For business owners, this means finding resources to help with a WordPress website is a no brainer – there are thousands of free resources online, and just as many web developers experienced in working with the platform.

WordPress has Stood the Test of Time

WordPress was first released in 2003 and served primarily as a blogging platform. Since then it’s grown into the world’s most popular content management system for web, being used in over 60 million websites, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Being a community project means that no single company or organisation has complete control over the platform and there are thousands of designers and developers contributing to its growth. Throughout all this WordPress has remained free to download and use, so it’s likely you won’t be hit by an unexpected usage fee anytime soon. 

WordPress is Updated Frequently

The core WordPress software is consistently updated to introduce new features, bug fixes and security patches which means your website will always be supported by up to date technology. In addition, themes and plugins are also updated to maintain their compatibility and update their features and new themes and plugins are made available every day. Any updates required to your current WordPress installation are flagged in the admin section of your site so you are clearly notified, and updates can be easily performed from within your site dashboard.

Whether you’re a business owner, organisation or company, community group, online store, healthcare provider or a local tradie, WordPress has something to offer you. With so many benefits, making the choice to use WordPress for your business website is easy. 

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