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10 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Healthcare Practice Online

Aug 18, 2020

Ready to grow your healthcare practice and attract new patients? Here are 10 proven strategies that leading Australian digital marketing agency, practiceedge, have implemented for over a decade.

Healthcare is a fast-growing industry. This is good news for healthcare providers, creating opportunity for practices to attract higher numbers of new patients as more Australians look to health services to enhance their wellbeing. Of course, with more opportunity comes more competition – Australia is now estimated to have 195,000 allied health professionals delivering an estimated 200 million health services per year.

With so many practices looking to attract new patients it’s not enough to simply build a website and hope the right people find you. Putting your clinic where your potential patients will find you is integral to even getting people to your website, and it doesn’t end there.
Users also want to know what services you provide, what conditions you treat, what facilities you have available, how much you charge and what others think of you, and then once they’ve covered all of that they want to be able to book an appointment quickly and easily.

Keep reading below for our top 10 healthcare marketing tips to maximise your online growth.

1. Optimise for Local Search

We all lead busy lives and patients want the convenience of attending their healthcare appointment close to home or work. Queries such as “Physiotherapist near me” or “Osteopath Suburb” generate high search volume. Optimising your website for your local area ensures that patients who are looking for a local practitioner find your practice first.

2. Include Condition Pages

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Dr Google”. More and more Australians are looking for information about the symptoms and conditions they are experiencing before seeing a professional. Including pages in your website about the conditions you commonly treat allows you to target these searches, provide some helpful information to gain the trust of the user, then let them know how your services can help them.

Condition pages also provide supporting evidence that you are a qualified expert in your field. Search engine rankings rely heavily on the trust and authority of your site, so use this additional content to show you know your stuff.

3. Create a Blog

A blog is another great way to target users who are researching before they book – offering your knowledge and advice for free might seem counteractive but by building trust with the user you have a greater chance of converting them to a paying patient.

Blogs also mean you are adding regular fresh information to your site. Google loves new content, it shows that your practice is active and current which is another key factor in increasing your ranking position.

4. Get more Google Reviews

Remember when we said people want to know what others think of you? Reviews are one of the key ways a potential patient will decide whether to engage your services as they provide social proof. Google also uses reviews as a ranking factor so the more positive feedback you have, the better.

5. Create a New Patient Offer

A new patient offer is a great incentive for someone to book with you and can be used to make you stand out above your competition. New patient offers could include a discounted first appointment, a specially price package or a gap free offer. An offer also lets people know that your practice actively welcomes new patients so they feel more confident in booking with you.

6. Offer an Online Booking System

Patients want the option to book an appointment whenever and wherever they are, without having to call during clinic hours or wait on hold. In fact, 68% of patients said they were more likely to choose medical providers that offer the option to book online.

7. Personalise your Business

Stock images may seem like the easy option for a professional looking site but they can actually work against you. Including images of your clinic, facilities and staff create a connection with your patients, making them feel more confident in what they can expect when visiting your clinic. Having a team section with individual practitioner profiles also allows you to showcase the qualifications and experience of your staff as well as their individual personalities.

8. Be Mobile Friendly

Having a friendly and easy to use website is key to converting users into patients. Your website should be optimised for mobile usage including a clean interface, easy navigation and clear pathways to contacting you or booking an appointment. More than ever we are booking services on the go and if you can’t provide that option, someone else will.

9. Maximise your Call to Actions

Using the right language can go a long way in convincing a potential patient to take the next step. Your call to action should be strong, clear and prominent on your site and it should provide the easiest possible path to a conversion. In addition to commanding text such as Book Now, Contact Us, Learn More or Book Your Appointment, your call to action should stand out in colour and size.

10. Optimise for Speed

A poorly performing website will have a significant impact on both your rankings and your ability to book new patients. Data suggests that 53% of users will leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 50% of users expect it to load in 2 seconds or less so it’s well worth addressing this early on.

Looking to optimise your online presence and attract new patients? practiceedge offer healthcare specific marketing packages, customised to suit your needs. Get in touch with us and start growing your practice today.

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